Liz Evans Update on My 600-lb Life: Where is She Today?

Liz Evans, My 600-lb Life

TLC Liz Evans was bedridden with two massive lymphedemas and weighed more than 700 pounds when she first appeared on TLC's "My 600-lb Life."

Liz Evans weighed more than 700 pounds when she first appeared on Season 6 of TLC’s popular reality series My 600-lb LifeDue to complications from her weight and massive lymphedemas in both legs, Liz was bedridden and unable to move about on her own. The reality star decided enough was enough, so she reached out to celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in order to shed some weight and regain control of her life.

TLC is airing a re-run of Liz’s episode at 8 p.m. ET tonight, so fans might be wondering where she is today and what she’s been up to since her episode first aired. The (unusually short) description of the episode, titled “Liz’s Story,” reads, “Liz attempts to reclaim her health and mobility with weight loss surgery.”

The network will also be airing Liz’s followup episode after her Season 6 rerun, so fans will get a double dose of Liz (as well as an update on Jennifer and Marissa) on August 26. Here’s what we know about the reality star, her experience with Dr. Now, and where she is today. (Warning: some spoilers on Liz’s story ahead! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!):

Liz Was Molested as a Child, Which Led to Her Significant Weight Gain

Liz was bedridden for over a decade before she decided to relocate to Houston and join Dr. Now’s weight loss program. The reality star had dealt with childhood trauma that led to her over-dependence on food; she revealed on the show that she was molested when she was only 6-years-old, and she turned to food to ease the pain. Her father was also a drug addict, and Liz admitted that by the time she was 10, she was using food as an outlet for her pain.

“When I was six, I was molested by someone that my family knew,” Liz says in the clip above. “I remember being so alone and scared because I didn’t know what to do, or who to tell, so I just felt ashamed.” She continues, “I don’t know if my mom would have believed me, and I didn’t want to tell my dad because we were so close. I didn’t want him to see me any different. So I kind of put it out of my mind because I didn’t want to think about it, and I just tried to pretend that it didn’t exist.”

Liz said that things progressively got worse as she got older, so she used food as an “escape” to cope with her feelings. “As I got older, things got worse,” the reality star says in the clip. “My dad developed a really bad drug addiction so my parents got a divorce … he let that addiction supersede his wife and his child, and after that, my life was never quite the same.” She adds, “I was about 10 then, and I remember taking all that pain, and starting to run to food.”

She Lost 353 Pounds & Was Approved For Gastric Bypass Surgery

Due to the dangerously large lymphedemas in her legs, Liz had to undergo a vigorous round of physical therapy for several months to help her become mobile once more. Liz also worked incredibly hard to stick to Dr. Now’s weight loss program which involved a strict diet and exercise regime, so the reality star had her work cut out for her.

Despite the challenges she faced, Liz never gave up; by the end of her episode, she lost a staggering 353 pounds, bringing the reality star down to 368 at her final weigh-in. However, Liz had a bit of a setback after returning home, and she gained back 50 pounds. She was readmitted into Dr. Now’s care and eventually underwent gastric bypass surgery, which helped the reality star regain control of her legs and become mobile once more.

It’s unclear at this time if Liz has continued to lose weight, or if she fell back into her old habits and gained anything back following her surgery. The reality star is not active on social media (that we can find) and there haven’t been any updates on her health and fitness in recent months. However, she noted during her followup episode that she was attending regular therapy sessions and sticking to Dr. Now’s program, so hopefully TLC will provide an update on Liz soon.

My 600 Lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. You can find more coverage and updates on the cast and subjects here.

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