MAFS: Henry Defends Friend Trishelle, Says They Never Dated


Lifetime "Married at First Sight" star Henry defended his friend, "Real World" star Trishelle, who was trolled online after she attended his wedding to Christina.

Married at First Sight star Henry defended his friend, Real World star Trishelle after she was slammed online after she attended his wedding to Christina. Trishelle was one of Henry’s friends who came up to Christina in the middle of dinner to get to know her better. Henry’s friends were so interested in learning more about Christina that he pulled his bride away from his friends at one point. Even though Henry knows the TV personality has a “reputation,” Trishelle has always been there for him.

Heavy previously wrote about Trishelle being trolled for her appearance on the episode, and how she slammed the naysayers. During an exclusive interview, Henry clarified that he and Christina barely dated and that he was happy his friends were interested to get to know his bride.

For Henry’s full answers, continue reading below for the question and answer:

Were you happy that your friends introduced themselves to a Christina at the wedding?

I was happy when my friends came to introduce themselves to Christina. I wish I would have handled it better. I was incredibly overwhelmed by the moment and was struggling throughout the night. But my friends are important to me and I’m glad they took the time to introduce themselves.

How long ago did you and Trishelle date?

Trishelle and I dated for zero years, zero months, zero days, and zero minutes. We have never dated. We matched on an app and went on a date that lasted approximately a glass of wine before we decided to invite some of our friends to join. We made a night of it. It was actually a lot of fun and likely the shortest “date” I have ever been on.
She had just relocated back to New Orleans at the time and was looking to meet people. I had a decent group of single guy friends and girlfriends at the time. She actually wound up being roommates with one of them for a bit and she’s been friends with Kristin and Diana ever since.
Trishelle likes to have a good time and she helps get me out of my shell.
And for the record, I didn’t know she was on the Real World until a month or so of knowing her.

Why did you decide to stay friends?

I surround myself with a variety of personalities. Some are low key like myself, some like to have a good time, and everything else in between. I feel it’s important to have people like Trishelle in my circle because it helps me socially. I know she has a reputation, but she has always been nice to me and has been there for me when needed.

Do you think any of your friends were jealous of Christina?

I do not think any of my female friends were jealous of Christina. I think some of them can be protective at times and I think some of them questioned me getting married at first sight. Most of them were supportive, but some thought it wasn’t necessary for me to do in order to meet someone. I think that mindset for some of them can come off as “jealous,” but it simply isn’t the case.

Why did you pull Christina away from talking to your friends at the wedding?

I pulled Christina away from some of my friends because I wanted to spend time with her and I think some of my friends were overwhelming her. A lot of the night was awkward and a little uncomfortable. I was trying to do what I could to ease the awkwardness. But there was a lot going on for both of us.

Were you afraid your friends could cause a potential problem in your marriage?

I was a little concerned because there have been girls in the past that I’ve dated who certainly felt threatened. I learned on the wedding night that Christina has a lot of guy friends, so it seems like she understands that it’s quite possible to platonically have friends of the opposite sex. Therefore, I’m honestly not too concerned.

Do you regret inviting Trishelle to the wedding?

Absolutely not. She has been a friend for years. I had the opportunity to go to her wedding a few years ago and I thought it was cool she was able to come to mine.
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