50 Cent’s Hit Song Laughed at by Grammy Award Winning Rival Master P

50 Cent’s brought you hits like: ‘In Da Club,’ ‘Wanksta,’ ‘Candy Shop,’ ’21 Questions,’ and a ton more.


BUT on his way to the top of the charts, the Queens, New York rapper put out bangers that aren’t known to mainstream.

The most notable is ‘How To Rob.’

‘How To Rob’ was a single off 50’s Power of the Dollar album, 50 Cent’s first album, Power of the Dollar which was originally set to be released in 2000 via Columbia Records.

Power of the Dollar never dropped though because Columbia Records found out that 50 was shot nine times. Columbia dropped him, a huge mistake on Columbia’s part and a gain by 50 who went on to have a huge career with he and G Unit.

In ‘How to Rob,’ 50 Cent took lyrical jabs at folks like late rapper ODB, hip hop legend Lil Kim, gospel singer Kirk Franklin, Bishop T.D. Jakes and other notables like Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, late rapper Heavy D and Master P.

The line about Master P was funny, in it?

Here ya go:

I’ll catch P and Silkk the Shocker right after the Grammys and Will Smith and Jada ass down in Miami. Run up on Timbaland and Missy with the pound Like, “You, give me the cash, you, put the hot dog down

On a recent episode of #WORDSWITHSCOOP Presented by Orox Leathers, I asked Master P what he thought about being mentioned in a line on 50 Cent’s diss track.

How To Rob – 50 Cent [Music Video]This is a music video I made for 50 Cent's "How To Rob" off of his "Power of the Dollar" album.2008-11-08T03:43:36Z

He was candid.

“I laughed at it,” Master P told me.

“Because I knew it was just funny. I never took it seriously. I knew that this is a guy who is trying to come up and you know, that’s what he do and I’ve never been a person to do that so, I always thought stuff like that was funny.”

Master P’s a pretty benevolent guy it seems.

In an interview with VladTV in 2014, Master P revealed that immediately he was instrumental to 50 Cent’s initial reach.

“To be honest with you, I was the first one to put 50 Cent on tour,” he told VladTV.

“I paid for his tour.

“He had a hot record. I had the money to put up for the tour… We was around each other a lot back then because I paid for the tour. It was cool.”

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – JUNE 04: Rapper Master P attends the memorial service for George Floyd at North Central University on June 4, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd died while in police custody on May 25, after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for nine minutes while detaining him. His death has sparked nationwide protests and rioting. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Master P chartered a successful career as founder and CEO of the independent record company No Limit Records. A successful rap artist with multiple Grammy awards, Master P also oversaw the record label and film arm of his brand.

Master P also has a longtime connection with the NBA. In 1998, he was signed to a preseason contract by the Charlotte Hornets. In 1999, he got a similar deal with the Raptors. He never appeared in an NBA game, however. He had a brief stint in the CBA, with the Fort Wayne Fury, as well as in the International Basketball League and the American Basketball Association.

He appeared in the NBA’s Celebrity Game over All-Star weekend twice, in 2008 and 2017.

50 Cent’s ‘How To Rob’ had some commercial success. It made a guest spot on the film, In Too Deep, which starred Omar Epps, LL Cool J and Nia Long.

50 Cent’s dj, DJ Whoo Kid told me that he caught hell for releasing that diss track.

“You gotta imagine him just giving me that record and I’m like: ‘I gotta play this? Like you serious,” DJ Whoo Kid tells Scoop B Radio.

“And I’m like alright as long as you got my back.

“I was getting like threats, texts, you get like a phone call and then somebody hang up, like all kinds of craziness,” DJ Whoo Kid said.

“Part of it, cause, like dealing with 50 Cent and remember, I used to DJ for like CNN, Capone-N-Noreaga before that and they went through like hell. Those guys were like killing and shooting and before that, I was with Juvenile. So I’m like super old school. I can’t even believe I even did all that s**t. But um rolling with Juvenile, he introduced me to the south and all the violence they do and white chicks, like I didn’t know what a white girl was until I met Juvenile because he had [the song] ‘Back That Ass Up.’”


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