MDC 3, ‘World of Dance’ Season 4 Winners: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MDC 3 World of Dance

NBC Teen Trio MDC 3 is currently leading the odds to win this season of World of Dance.

The finale of NBC’s World of Dance aired on Wednesday, August 12, and contemporary trio MDC 3 won the competition, beating out three acts made up of older, more experienced dancers.

The trio first caught the judges’ interest with their stunningly emotional performance for their audition and in the duels. They told the story of three people caught up in a love triangle, and the judges are stunned each time by how clearly the narrative comes across in their performances.

The group is made up of dancers Madison Smith, Emma Mather and Diego Pasillas.

Read on to learn more about MDC 3:

1. The Trio Was Founded by Shannon Mather

Mather Dance Company was founded by Shannon Mather. The company opened its doors in 2009 and has been run by world-renowned choreographer Shannon Mather ever since.

According to the website, the company has been the home of some of the industry’s most elite dancers throughout the years, and they train pre-professional dancers from ages 5 to 18.

They focus on making their dancers well-rounded and confident, so they train dancers in jass, musical theater, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, tap and Latin ballroom dancing through technical training with the faculty.

2. Each Member of the Group is under 18 Years Old

Diego and Madison are both 17 years old, and Emma is 15 years old. According to their official Instagram page, each of the three would like to become professional dancers, touring with artists like Rihanna in the future.

The three dancers have been with Mather Dance Company for many years, but Madi has been there the longest. She has been with the company since she was 7 years old.

3. They Believe Their Storytelling Makes Them Unique

They each shared what they believe makes their trio unique on the Instagram page in March, with Madison saying that is “our storytelling and our ability to make the audience connect to our emotions through our movement.”

Emma said that what makes them unique is “our lifts and the way we thread through our partnering,” and Diego said that it is their “chemistry we have with each other.”

The group has been dancing together for years, having danced their first trio in 2014.

4. They Each Want to Dance Professionally

When it comes to career goals, each member of MDC 3 wants to pursue dancing professionally for the long haul, according to their official Instagram page.

Madi said that her goal was “to dance professionally in the industry [and/or] tour with a recording artist like Rihanna.”

Diego wants to be a professional dancer and “go on a world tour with a big name recording artist,” and Emma said her goal was to “dance on tour with a recording artist.”

5. The Group Won ‘World of Dance’

According to Goldderby, MDC 3 was the favorite to win the entire competition at the moment. Previously, they had the Upper Division team Oxygen as the winner, but the balance has shifted after the most recent love-triangle performance from MDC 3. The predictions are based on the combined prediction of fans who make their forecast each week.

It’s likely their storytelling capacity and chemistry due to the length of time they’ve been dancing together puts them ahead of the competition.

MDC 3 did, in fact, take home the prize based strongly on their storytelling ability coupled with their athleticism.

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