Nolan Gibbons: 15-Year-Old Singing Sensation Dies ‘Completely Unexpectedly’

Nolan Gibbons Dead

Facebook/Sheila Jane Nolan Gibbons pictured on his mother's Facebook page.

Nolan Gibbons, a 15-year-old singing sensation from Marion, Massachusetts, died “completely unexpectedly” on August 18.

Gibbons’ mother, Sheila Jane Gibbons, wrote about her son’s death in a Facebook post. Sheila Gibbons said her son died in his sleep in their home on the morning of August 18. She did not reveal Nolan Gibbons’ cause of death. Sheila Gibbons said describing her son’s death as a shock would be a “vast understatement” and that the Gibbons family could not “fathom what his loss will mean to us.”

Shiela Gibbons added that her family is making arrangements for a tribute to her son’s “beautiful, far too short life.” The post concluded with the words, “We know that Nolan touched many people’s lives through his music, his humor, and his buoyant spirit. At this very tender time, we ask for your patience and for privacy as we navigate this unimaginable loss.”

A Crowdfunding Page for the 15-Year-Old Said Gibbons ‘Had the World at His Fingertips’

After Nolan’s death, Sheila Gibbons posted a screenshot of a painting made by her son when he was 3 years old that read, “Everybody likes to be themselves.” She initially posted the image on April 2. Multiple crowdfunding pages for Nolan’s family have been set up. The GoFundMe page begins with the words, “At 15 years old, Nolan truly had the world at his fingertips, already having a successful music career that was nothing short of extraordinary.”

The children’s singing platform Acapop! KIDS paid tribute to Nolan on Instagram. The post said he was an “exceptionally talented singer, beatboxer, and musician — but above all, he was the kindest friend.”

In 2019, Gibbons’ Family Said They Declined the Opportunity for the Prodigy to Appear on America’s Got Talent

Nolan told southeastern Massachusetts outlet The Wanderer in June 2019, “Music is my life.” Nolan added that in his youth, he drew the alphabetical letters on the corresponding keys on the family piano as a “very small child.”

Nolan also said he recorded with Acapop! KIDS in New York and Dallas. This followed his 2017 victory in New England’s Got Talent, the Sippican Week reported. Nolan won the competition with his rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” He told the Sippican Week about his choice, “I really like singing that song and it really fits today’s world.”

Sheila Gibbons said in the same article that the family settled in Marion, Massachusetts, thanks to the high-quality music programs available in local schools. She said, “We said to ourselves, ‘We have this talented kid; it’s our job to create a space that gives him opportunities.’” Sheila Gibbons also said that due to worries about over-exposure, the family declined the opportunity for Gibbons to appear on America’s Got Talent. At the time of the article in 2017, Nolan was preparing for a summer course at Berkeley University and performing in a musical version of the Dreamworks movie Shrek.

Aside From Music, Nolan Said His Interests Were Bike Riding & ‘Filming Ping-Pong Trick Shots’

In launching his career on Acapop! KIDS on his 15th birthday in July 2020, Nolan said that despite being known as a singer and beatboxer, he auditioned on the platform as a soprano. He said his hobbies were songwriting, producing and riding his bike.

Nolan appeared on Fun 107 in January 2020, where he talked about meeting Kelly Clarkson for the first time. At the time of his death, Nolan was attending Old Rochester Region High School.

On his Instagram page, Nolan said he was a 15-year-old singer, songwriter and actor. He posted the hashtag “BLM” and a link to a resource for antiracist reading material. At the time of writing, Nolan’s Instagram story has been updated with reposted messages of remembrance for the teenager.

The most recent post on Nolan’s YouTube page came in July 2020. The first video on his page was uploaded in 2016. Gibbons noted on his YouTube channel that in addition to his singing and songwriting talents, he was also interested in “filming ping-pong trick shots.”

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