Are Paul & Karine Still Together Today? 90 Day Fiancé Update

Paul and Karine, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Paul and Karine Staehle, stars of the hit reality show "90 Day Fiancé."

Paul and Karine, stars of the hit TLC series 90 Day Fiancé, have been facing some serious obstacles in their relationship over the last few episodes of Happily Ever After. Karine fell into a deep depression after leaving behind her life in Brazil to relocate to the U.S. with her husband; from issues with their living situation, to Paul’s struggles with finding employment, the reality stars’ relationship has been on a steady decline since they first landed in Kentucky.

With their marital problems highlighted so extensively on the show, fans might be wondering what the 90 Day stars have been up to lately, and if they were ever able to overcome their differences and find common ground in their relationship. Are Paul and Karine still together today, or did they call it quits after filming wrapped up? Is Karine still in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, Paul and Karine’s marriage continued to deteriorate off-camera. They separated earlier this month and have been embroiled in a contentious court battle over custody of their son Pierre since mid-August. Their estrangement was messy and very public, with Karine filing a restraining order against Paul after accusing her husband of being physically abusive and sexually assaulting her. Keep reading for details: 

Karine Filed a Protective Order Against Paul & Claims He Was Physically & Sexually Abusive

Paul and Karine’s issues culminated into an explosive dispute on July 30 after Paul found out his wife had been communicating with a Brazilian lawyer about “child support and divorce,” according to In Touch Weekly. After the fight escalated, Karine called the police and took out an emergency protective order against Paul, claiming he was being violent and withholding her green card from her.

“I am not allowed to leave the house, he monitors my phone, he has cameras around the house and he can see through his phone who arrives who leaves. He threatens to take our son Pierre away if I ever leave,” she claimed, according to the report. “I am terrified he will hurt me or hurt my son because I runned [sic] away from him and I am even afraid to go back to Brazil now because he can go to Brazil and hurt us.”

Karine further alleged that Paul was sexually abusive throughout their marriage. Her statement claims Paul, “pushed me, grabbed my breast squeezing and twisting hurting me, pushing me to the floor.” She also claims that Paul “throws things” at her when she refuses to have sex with him, according to Cheat Sheet.

Paul took to Instagram Live to discuss the allegations, and although he admitted that he and Karine were having marital issues, he called the accusations “lies” and claimed somebody else must have talked to the police for Karine. He also claimed that his wife and son were “missing,” and that the police were looking for them. You can watch the video above, courtesy of Instagrammer 90dayfiancenews.

Paul Filed His Own Restraining Order Against Karine & Claims She Tried to Feed Him Broken Glass

Paul, who initially didn’t believe Karine spoke to the police by herself, filed his own restraining order against his wife for allegedly slipping broken glass into his food after cooking him a meal. He also alleged Karine “assaulted” him on several occasions, frequently endangered their son by letting him run in the street, and had her friends attempt to extort money from him.

“[Her] friends have been calling me threatening to come to my home and kill me,” he stated, according to court documents obtained by US Weekly. “They requested I pay them $10,000 or I would never see my son again.”

A judge granted Paul the protective order on August 1, one day after Karine filed hers. According to court documents, Paul is restrained from having contact with Pierre, but both parents were granted temporary custody of their son while a judge determines whether Karine or Paul will get placement of the boy, US Weekly reports.

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The Reality Stars Have Not Publicly Confirmed a Split, But They Hinted at an Estrangement

While neither of the reality stars has publicly confirmed a breakup, both Paul and Karine have been dropping cryptic hints on social media that their marriage is over. Following a court appearance on August 11, Paul hinted on Instagram that he and Karine were separated and that she was pregnant with their second child.

“I regret taking for granted my family would be together forever and live happily ever after,” the reality star wrote on his Instagram Stories. “I never want to date or remarry to ever feel this pain again. To not be a part of your children’s life, born and unborn, is beyond painful.”

Karine also shared an update on Instagram and noted, “Relationships are hard and sometimes it just can’t be fixed anymore.” She added, “I need this time to organize my thoughts, work on myself and care for my son after everything we have been through in the last year and a half.”

Since they haven’t announced an official split just yet, there may still be hope for Paul and Karine to make amends and repair their relationship. However, it’s clear that the 90 Day stars have some significant issues to overcome if they have any hope of saving their marriage, so fans will just have to wait and see how everything plays out for Paul and Karine in the end.

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