Who Was Samuel Little’s Longtime Girlfriend Orelia ‘Jean’ Dorsey?

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Samuel Little is a convicted murderer who claims to have killed 93 people in 19 different states between 1970 and 2005. The FBI has matched Little to 50 cases so far, making him the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, the BBC reported. Little has been incarcerated since 2012 when he was found guilty of the murders of three women in California.

In a statement reported by the BBC, officials said they think “all of his confessions are credible” and they are working to confirm the other murders he’s claimed. Although officials are getting a better picture of his criminal life, there are a lot more question marks around his personal life. Little moved around a lot and never truly settled down, although he had a long-term girlfriend, Orelia “Jean” Dorsey. The two met in 1971 and they remained together until her death in 1988.

Here’s what you need to know about Orelia “Jean” Dorsey, Little’s late girlfriend:

The Couple Met in 1971 in Jail, When Dorsey Helped Little With His Robbery Case & the Two Became Inseparable

Little had many run-ins with the law prior to his arrest on murder charges in 2012. On May 28, 1971, he was arrested in Cleveland with his girlfriend at the time, Lucy Madero, and they were charged with robbery of a gas station, Cleveland Magazine reported. The outlet wrote that while in jail, Madero confided in her cellmate, Dorsey, that she would be testifying against Little in the upcoming robbery case.

Dorsey was able to find Little in the jail and let him know of Madero’s plan, thanks to holes in the walls and ceilings of the rundown facility. In 1972, when the case went to trial, Madero did in fact testify against Little, but his defense team was able to plan for it due to the information passed on by Dorsey. Little was eventually found not guilty, the Cinemaholic wrote. After Dorsey’s release from prison, the two became a couple and traveled together, despite Dorsey being 30 years older than Little.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office’s special investigations chief, Rick Bell, told Cleveland19: “She was 30 years older than him. But from that point on, because she showed him loyalty, he wanted to be with her.” The Cinemaholic wrote that Little described Dorsey as “no beauty” but was appreciative of her skills, specifically shoplifting, which she taught him.

She Died of Natural Causes in 1988 & Was Not One of Little’s Victims

Little claims that he’s killed 93 people, but his longtime girlfriend Dorsey was not one of his victims. According to Cleveland Magazine, Dorsey and Little were together until she died of natural causes, a brain hemorrhage, in Los Angeles in 1988.

Cleveland19 reported that during their life together, Little and Dorsey traveled across the country as a couple, supporting themselves through shoplifting and selling stolen goods. In a 2018 interview with The Cut, Little said Dorsey was a “master shoplifter” and was the one supporting them.

The Cinemaholic reported that Little’s confessions seem to indicate that Dorsey was not involved in any of his murders. According to Cleveland Magazine, Little and Dorsey would find an apartment or cheap motel wherever they traveled to, and Little would go out at night to find his victims after Dorsey fell asleep.

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