Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Likes Justin Cheating Rumor Tweets

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Getty Did "This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley cheat on Chrishell Stause? The "Selling Sunset" star liked several tweets that claimed Hartley strayed during their marriage.

Did This Is Us actor Justin Hartley cheat on Chrishell Stause? The Selling Sunset star liked several tweets that claimed Hartley strayed during their marriage, according to a Wednesday report from The Blast.

Stause made the little heart emoji turn red on a message that said Harley was filming a movie during the same time as his rumored girlfriend, Sofia Pernas. “@justinhartley filmed a movie in Canada at the same time his new gf @SofiaPernas was filming the summer before they split,” the user wrote. “The timing seems like he probably cheated on @Chrishell7 and took a coward’s way out to avoid spousal support and gaslight her.”

Hartley and Pernas seemingly became Instagram official over the weekend. They both took to their Instagram Stories, where they shared similar captions. According to People, Hartley’s read “Paisley like Sunday mornin'” and Pernas’ said, “Easy like Sunday mornin.'” While there was a man pictured in her update, the person’s face wasn’t clear.

Hartley’s First Ex-Wife Defends Him

Fans have widely sided with Stause, but Harley’s first ex-wife, Lindsay Korman-Hartley, defended the actor. The couple, who was married from 2002 to 2014, shares 16-year-old daughter Isabella together.

“In a day when social media should be used for positivity … an inspiration towards movement in an honest and deserving way, I’d like to join, by highlighting my appreciation for my family,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Today, I appreciate my ex-husband Justin for not only being [an] exemplification of a solid man but for being my dear friend and devoted father to our daughter,” she continued. “Simply put; for being family. We derive our own opinion of people by experiencing life and time together, and we do our best to hold dear the ones that maintain consistent kindness, love and generosity.”

Stause seemingly responded to the message, sharing a cryptic note that talked about women empowering each other. “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked,” the quote said. The Selling Sunset star then added her own text, writing: “Women who build each other up are my tribe.”

Stause & Hartley’s Divorce is Discussed on Season 3 of ‘Selling Sunset’

Hartley never appears on Selling Sunset, but it’s one of the stories discussed on Season 3 of the series.

“I’m just kind of in shock with it all. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s just a lot all at once ’cause everybody in the whole world knows like at the same time that I knew,” she tells friends and co-worker Mary Fitzgerald. “Have you ever been knocked over by a wave and you don’t know which way to swim to get up?”

In a confessional, Stause admits that she was blindsided by the divorce. She never expected to split from her estranged husband. “I don’t think anyone ever gets married thinking that they’ll get a divorce. I’m definitely a hopeless romantic, and I feel stupid even saying that out loud,” she said.

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