‘Siesta Key’ Alex’s Racist Posts: What Did He Say to Get Fired?

Alex Kompo

Instagram/Alex Kompothecras "Siesta Key" star Alex Kompothecras was fired from 'Siesta Key' after alleged racist comments, TMZ reported.

MTV announced on Wednesday, June 16 that Alex Kompothecras was fired from their hit reality show Siesta Key after allegedly racist posts were unearthed on his Instagram and other social media accounts.

According to the official statement from the show, Alex’s contract was terminated immediately and the show would be editing to downplay his role in the season that is currently on the air. The premiere of the season was then cut down from a two-hour episode to a 54-minute one.

“We’ve made the decision to cut ties with Alex and are editing the current season to minimize his presence. He will not be in future seasons of Siesta Key,” read the statement posted by MTV.

What Did Alex Kompo Say to Get Fired?

Back in 2018, Alex shared a tweet that had two images: one was a photo of Black women swimming in a creek, and another showed three hippos. He also commented a racial slur under the image, according to distractify.

He previously tagged a friend in the comment section of an image of a white, middle-aged man holding a can of beer and a hose.

“Go be a [n-word] somewhere else,” he wrote.

That’s not all that was unearthed when people started posting photos of his alleged racism, however. He also reacted to a racist meme that showed former President Barack Obama that read “I’m a stupid f***ing [n-word] who should get the f*** out of office because I can’t run this country for s***.” Alex responded, writing “Truth brotha.”

Alex’s Castmates and Ex-Girlfriend Called Out His “Blatant Racism” After He Was Fired

Juliette Porter responded to fans who were defending Alex on Twitter, saying that he was racist and it wasn’t cool to defend him.

“Sorry we picked trying to get rid of racism instead of thinking about your reality tv needs Mariah,” she wrote to a fan. “You still see all the drama, you just don’t see him.”

Juliette also appeared on Barstool Sports’ Chicks in the Office podcast and addressed Kompo’s firing and her fans who were still supporting him.

“I have a lot of — I don’t want to say racist followers — but a lot of people are like really upset about him leaving,” said Porter, 22. “People love a villain.”

She also added, “It’s not even like subtle racism – it was like blatant, blatant racism.”

Porter also said that that was all she could really say from a legal standpoint.

Kelsey Owens, another Siesta Key costar, said much of the same, adding, “I don’t understand. There are so many people saying they want him back and I’m like, do you understand why he’s gone?” She also said that she believed that MTV made the right decision on cutting him.

Robby Hayes, who dated Juliette after Kompo did, commented on MTV’s announcement, writing “Karma,” according to Us Weekly.

Chloe Trautman responded to Juliette’s response, writing “They aren’t worth it boo boo. Who cares?”

Alex has found himself in trouble before, though none of it had previously led to getting fired from Siesta Key. 

He was previously connected to a viral video that showed a shark being dragged behind a boat on a fishing line.

He was also arrested for disorderly conduct a year before his firing according to In Touch Weekly.

At the time, Kompos allegedly urinated outside of Oz Club in Clearwater, Florida, in February 2019. The former Siesta Key star allegedly “urinated on a vehicle leading to an altercation that required law enforcement presence to de-escalate.”

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