‘The 100’ Season 7 Episode 10 Review: ‘A Little Sacrifice’ That’s Not So Little

The 100 Season 7 Episode 9

The CW The 100 Season 7 Episode 9

The 100 is finally back after a long hiatus with Season 7 Episode 10: “A Little Sacrifice.” The episode was phenomenal, even if the end was gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking. The 100 has proven again that I can’t predict their endings and plot twists.

Below is a review of the latest episode. This article will have spoilers for Season 7 Episode 10. 

The episode opens with the death and destruction left behind by Sheidheda, who escaped through a secret passage. Turns out that Sheidheda made a beeline straight for Madi, who is familiar with him from the memories she gained form The Flame. Madi was terrified of Sheidheda. She’s changed a lot since the Flame was removed from her, and seems to have even less of a “warrior side” than she even had before the Flame. But she manages to push through her fear when it matters the most, proving that her warrior side is still there, even if fear sometimes overwhelms it. In her first encounter with Sheidheda, she kneeled to him. It was honestly the smartest play considering the situation she was in.

Back at Disciple Land, Clarke has a clear bargaining advantage over William Cadogan. But Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza express that they aren’t going to leave because they plan on fighting in this “last war.” I love how they played this off so well, even convincing Clarke. No one had any idea that they hadn’t really bought into the whole story at all. But Echo and Hope are on a completely different level, willing to kill innocents in order to stop the disciples. They have blood on their minds.

Jordan Helps His Dad’s Legacy Survive

The CW

Cadogan and Gabriel have some interesting conversations since they both came from the “old” time period. Cadogan says that they found logs from the older civilization that lived before, the Bardoans. They were able to translate the characters, but Cadogan says the most intriguing part is where the Bardoans’ writing says the orb will become a star. The logs read that this will be “challenging all we have done and all that we are. Only then will the last war begin. Make it past and cease to be fallible. Transcend into greatness. Evolve into more…”

Cadogan said they need Clarke because the AI (in the Flame) knows the code and if they enter that code, the last war will begin. Jordan doubts this interpretation from the beginning. There’s no way that more violence will help them evolve, he insists.

The twist where Jordan learns that the disciples and Anders may have misinterpreted the code was a twist I hadn’t expected. I love that Jordan found this out — just continuing his dad Monty’s legacy of saving the group with intuition and outside-the-box thinking. It seems that whatever “hint” we thought we had last season that he might go rogue was wrong.

Jordan interprets the language differently, realizing that “last war” might actually be translated to mean a test instead. Instead of starting a final war, the person who enters the code will start a test where that person represents the entire species and decides the fate of the human race. The only question is who should take this test? I’m guessing the show will have Clarke be that person. But would she really be the right choice? What about Jordan or Gabriel?

Sheidheda Is a Foreboding Opponent

The CW

One thing that really struck me during this episode is what a great actor JR Bourne is. His Sheidheda is so completely different from the Russell character he played last season. He captures the essence of a dark, foreboding, powerful apocalyptic leader perfectly.

And let’s not forget what an amazing role Indra finally has. After so many seasons where she was barely present because the actress (Adina Porter) had other commitments, it’s great to see her front and center again, commanding the screen. She’s an amazing leader and I would love to see the show end with her as the main commander. But she really wasn’t any match in a fight for Sheidheda. If it had been Octavia, however, I’m willing to bet that she would have won that battle.

Then there was the scene right before Indra was killed where Madi leaped in to save her. That reminded me a lot of a certain scene in Game of Thrones.

Still, Indra ultimately ended up kneeling, but who can blame her. She really had no other choice in that situation. Madi was smart to run and hide before Sheidheda remembered that she was there.

I also loved how Murphy is emerging as an unexpected hero. His skills at hiding and surviving all these years are finally paying off.

I Never Predicted Diyoza’s Fate

The CW

The ending was heartbreaking and nothing I ever predicted. Hope and Echo are consumed with hate — Echo for what happened to Bellamy, and Hope for pretty much everything. They were willing to risk everything if they had a chance to destroy their enemies.

All those rumors about the “crystal” weapon of mass destruction were finally revealed to be true. The weapon really is as dark and dangerous as we were told all this time. And Diyoza willingly sacrificed herself so her daughter wouldn’t live with the regrets that she had. Talk about amazing love right there. I hope that Hope does something to really carry on her mom’s legacy and sacrifice.

The two main questions that today’s episode left me with are whether or not Bellamy is really dead, and what happened to Gaia. We haven’t heard anything from Gaia since she was “kidnapped” by someone emerging from the green cloud. I can’t help but wonder if Bellamy’s fate is tied to Gaia’s.

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