‘The Legend of Korra’: What Time It Premieres & How to Watch Online


Netflix is about to premiere The Legend of Korra, shortly after the animated Avatar series was such a big hit after it was re-released on the streaming giant. But what time can you start binging the spinoff of Avatar? Whether you’ve seen it before or never saw the series before, you’re going to want to start watching right away.

The Series Premieres on Friday, August 14

The Legend of Korra will premiere on Netflix on Friday, August 14. Like most Netflix series, all the episodes will drop at once — and all four seasons will drop at once too. The episodes will premiere at 12:01 a.m. Pacific (3:01 a.m. Eastern) on Friday.

The series is debuting on Netflix all across the world and the episodes will drop at the same time, no matter where you live. Here’s a look at when it will release in different time zones in the United States, depending on where you live.

Release Times in the U.S. (August 14)

12:01 a.m. Pacific
1:01 a.m. Mountain
2:01 a.m. Central
3:01 a.m. Eastern
9:01 p.m. Honolulu (August 13)
10:01 p.m. Juneau, Alaska (August 13)

In other words, if you are planning to watch The Legend of Korra and you’re on the West Coast, you might be up late enough to catch an episode or two before you go to sleep. It’ll be releasing pretty late in other parts of the continental U.S., though. If you’re in Hawaii or Alaska, you’ll have plenty of time to binge some episodes as part of your prime-time viewing.

Here are some release times outside of the United States:

  • Australia: 5 a.m. AEST
  • Canada: 3 a.m. Eastern
  • Brazil: 5 a.m. FNT / 3 a.m. AMT
  • Central Europe: 9 a.m. CET
  • Eastern Europe: 10 a.m. EET
  • Mexico: 2 a.m. Central
  • United Kingdom: 8 a.m. BST

Previews & More Details

Some of us have seen this series before and can’t wait to watch it again. For others, this will be the first time to watch the hit series. The series aired its two-part finale in December 2014, so it hasn’t been quite as long since we’ve seen this show as it was since The Last Airbender aired. But still, almost six years is a long time.

The show’s always been controversial. Some fans thought it was better than Avatar: The Last Airbender and others thought it didn’t even compare.

The series takes place 70 years after the end of Avatar, which broke records for Netflix’s Top 10 charts. Aang defeated the Fire Lord and he and his friends created a new United Republic whose capital is Republic City. Aang has died by the time the new series kicks off, and the Avatar is reborn in Korra. There are new enemies to defeat and new alliances to make, and the journey isn’t easy.

One of the big differences between Korra and Avatar is that the main characters in Korra are older. The show has a different style and feel, Vulture reported. And certain storylines from Avatar that you might be curious about won’t be answered for quite some time.

The Legend of Korra is four seasons long for a total of 52 episodes. So it’s going to take you a while to get through the whole thing.

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