Where Is Gaia on ‘The 100’? See the Top Fan Theories

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Gaia has been conspicuously missing from The 100 for a long time. We last saw her when she was “kidnapped” by someone in the green cloud, and we haven’t seen her since. Read on for fans’ top theories about what happened to Gaia.

There are minor spoilers for next week’s episode in terms of the episode title and description. 

Many Fans Think Bellamy Is Still Alive & Gaia Is With Him

You can watch the video below for a refresher on the last time we saw Gaia.

She fought with someone who was in a time suit. That person was able to successfully fight back and then drag her through the green cloud.

The main theory among fans right now is that Bellamy is still alive and Gaia is with him. Part of the reason for this theory is that Episode 11 is called “Etherea” and the description on IMDb reads: “Where in the universe is Bellamy Blake?” Of course, IMDb descriptions are sometimes inaccurate, but this has fueled a lot of theories about Bellamy and Gaia.

The last time we saw Bellamy, he was supposedly blown up. But we never actually saw a dead body and the camera didn’t focus on the explosion closely when it happened. So it’s entirely possible — at least according to many fan theories — that Bellamy survived.

Etherea, as revealed in a previous episode, is one of the many planets in the system where the Disciples and The 100 crew are right now. So a running theory is that both Bellamy and Gaia are somewhere on this mysterious planet called Etherea.

Some think that Bellamy was accidentally sent to Etherea during the explosion, and a Disciple then took Gaia there too. So this might mean that they are both there, but separated by a number of years. Could Bellamy be much older now?

Others are guessing that it was Bellamy himself who took Gaia through the green cloud, although it’s not clear why he wouldn’t just reveal his identity rather than fight her if that were the case. Perhaps he grabbed a suit from a dead disciple. Or maybe time runs at a different pace and he’s one of the leaders of the planet where’s currently living. Still other fans are guessing that it was Bellamy in the suit, but he had lost his memory in that initial blast, perhaps from accidentally traveling through the green cloud without a suit initially.

Here are a couple of Reddit threads where fans discuss theories:

Another theory is that perhaps Bellamy or Gaia have made contact with the original inhabitants of the planet and they’re working with them now. I’d imagine that Gaia’s past experience as the Flame Keeper is going to play a role somehow.

And yet another theory is that they made contact with the descendants of Eligius III. At one point, fans though the Disciples were the Eligius III descendants, but they were descendants of the Second Dawn cult who went through the Anomaly Stone on Earth. So the fate of Eligius III, a colonizing mission, is still not known.

The only theory that fans seem to agree on is the idea that Bellamy and Gaia are together somewhere, and we’ll find out their fate very soon.

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