REPORT: Below Deck Cast Member Caught with Drugs & Fired

Malia White

Bravo Viewers will finally find out who gets busted for having drugs aboard The Wellington on Monday's "Below Deck Mediterranean."

Viewers finally found out who got in trouble for having drugs aboard The Wellington on Below Deck Mediterranean. Captain Sandy Yawn said season 5 of the show was an explosion of drama during a May 2020 interview with E! News–and viewers might agree–with one of the most anticipated moments coming after someone was busted for having drugs aboard the 184-foot mega yacht. After weeks of questions, it was revealed that cast member and Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier had narcotics in her bunk.

When Ferrier suffered a panic attack in the middle of the night during an episode of the show, Bosun Malia White woke up to seemingly comfort her. Ferrier had said she needed a Valium to calm down. As reported by CheatSheet, White later exposed Ferrier, texting pictures of Ferrier’s pills to Yawn.

“Let me clear the air-medical laws are different at sea and for good reason. NO crew member is allowed to self-administer drugs prescription or not while on a vessel at sea,” White wrote in what is a now-deleted post.

“We are CREW and always ‘on duty’ and our primary goal at sea is to ensure the safety of all passengers,” she continued. “Mental health issues are a big deal and that’s why we have proper procedures in place. We all read & sign a drugs & alcohol policy before joining any boat-this is VERY CLEARLY laid out.”

Page Six had previously reported that Ferrier was fired. “Hannah’s crossed the line before” and “eventually went too far,” a source told the publication.

Ferrier, however, told Entertainment Tonight she quit. “I want this to be a good, fun, enriching experience that allows me to travel a lot, but I don’t want to get to the stage where I’m locked into yachting and there’s nothing else in my life except that,” she said in a June 1, 2020 interview. “I think I’m probably done.”

Ferrier Is An Advocate For Mental Health

Ferrier, who is currently pregnant with her first child, said she has been receiving a lot of requests for people who want to send her baby gifts. While she’s humbled by everyone’s generosity, she asked that those who want to help can by donating to a charity that helps people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

“I suffer from anxiety which can be brought on by many different things but tonight’s was brought on by seeing my good friend [Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran] in such pain and being unable to help him,” she wrote. “This paired with severe lack of sleep and feeling like I was stuck in a situation I didn’t want to be in brought on a panic attack.”

“What you see on TV and what is happening inside someone’s head can often differ. A lot of you have sent me messages asking for my baby register which is so amazing of you,” she added.

Captain Sandy Yawn Has No Tolerance For Drugs

When it comes to doing illegal drugs on yachts, Yawn told E! News the law makes things simple. “The maritime coastguard agency makes the law,” she told the publication. “So that means the law is no crew members can absolutely do drugs at all.”

If people are taking prescription drugs, they have to be logged in. “They have to be monitored. We’re responsible for lives. When it comes to the guests,” Yawn said. “Well, I just say, ‘Hey, mister primary client, we can’t have drugs on board, you gotta tell your friends get the drugs off.’ And then I call his broker and I inform them and then I call the management company and I inform them.”

“It’s a part of yachting. So I always just say, I don’t make the law,” Yawn continued. “I stick to protocol. You know, I don’t look through people’s stuff, I just say if they don’t comply, then I have to drive to the dock and [take] them off the boat. And it’s an unfortunate thing for all of us, but largely most people follow the guidelines that are set forth by the maritime coastguard agency.”

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