WoD Season 4: Who Won World of Dance 2020 Tonight?

World of Dance Winner


Tonight was the season finale of NBC’s World of Dancemeaning that one of the four finalists finally walked away with the grand prize of $1 million and the title of Best Dancer in the World.

Spoiler Warning! Spoilers for tonight’s finale of World of Dance and all of season 4 follow. 

The WoD season 4 finale was hosted by Scott Evans with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo. The winner will be one of four finalists ranging from duos to trios to group acts, and the winner will walk away with a prize of $1 million.

Read on to learn who won this year’s season of World of Dance. 

Who Won Season 4 of ‘World of Dance’?

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Who else is a HUGE @mdc3official fan? #WorldofDance

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The winner of Season 4 of World of Dance was MDC 3, the only junior division competitors left in the competition. The group was known for their storytelling ability, and they used that in their finale performance.

They performed to “I Surrender” by Celine Dion and told the story of their time in the competition so far with their push and pull movements, finally coming together as a show of victory at the end.

“Wow, MDC 3! I was watching you, it’s the tricks, it’s the amazing things you can do, but honestly, it’s the quality of your dance that gave me goosies,” JLo said. She added that the performance was breathtaking. Derek loved their head slide in the middle of the performance.

Their score was 95.7 based on JLo’s score of 95, Ne-Yo’s of 95, and Derek’s of 97.  The score was the highest of the night by just .4 points, barely beating out real-life couple and salsa duo Jefferson y Adrianita.

The trio first caught the judges’ interest with their stunningly emotional performance for their audition and in the duels. They told the story of three people caught up in a love triangle, and the judges are stunned each time by how clearly the narrative comes across in their performances.

Now, they are $1 million richer and have proven that the junior division is capable of taking home the grand prize.

Who Were the Competitors in the Finale?

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@geometrie_variable = swwwwaaaaaggggggy. #WorldofDance

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The competitors on the finale of Season 4 of WoD were as different as they come.

The group that was most favored to win going into the finale was MDC 3, a teen trio that specializes in amazing storytelling. Then, there was Geometrie Variable, a group that is unique in the way they are able to create shapes with their bodies.

Jefferson y Adrianita were another group competing for the prize and fame; they’ve been dancing together for over a decade and are married with a child in real life. They named their son Derek after WoD judge Derek Hough.

Lastly, Oxygen was competing in the finale. They’re known, much like Geometrie Variable, for their ability to create shapes, but they’re also a much larger group and was a front-runner from the beginning of the competition.

The show has not yet been renewed, but it’s likely that it will be renewed for season 5 based on the ratings of the current season. Last year, the show was renewed before the season finished airing, but that’s not the case this year. It’s not clear if that’s due to COVID-19 changes or possibly due to some other internal decision still being made.

While it’s not confirmed yet, it is likely that World of Dance will be renewed for another season. Right now, the status is officially ‘pending.’

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