World of Dance Season 4 Winner Spoilers: Live Results & Recap

World of Dance Finale


Tonight was the season finale of NBC’s reality dance competition World of Danceand that means that one of the four remaining acts walked away with $1 million and the title of the best dancer in the world.

World of Dance was hosted by Scott Evans with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo. The competition showcased solo dancers, partners and dance crews competing against each other for a grand prize of $1 million and the title of the best dancer in the world.

The competitors competing in tonight’s episode were Oxygen, MDC 3, Geometrie Variable and Jefferson y Adrianita. Before the show aired, odds were in favor of MDC 3 according to US Bookies, but the competition could go to anyone at this rate.

Spoiler Warning! Spoilers for tonight’s finale of World of Dance and all of season 4 follow. 

Read on for a live recap of tonight’s finale of World of Dance. 

‘World of Dance’ Season 4 Finale Live Results & Recap: Who Won the Season?

The show opened up with Jennifer Lopez discussing the fact that they were unable to have a live audience at the finale.

“A dancer performs just as hard for three people as they do for 300,” JLo said before reiterating that the competition is still “anyone’s game.”

Geometrie Variable, MDC3, Oxygen and Jefferson y Adrianita were all welcomed to the stage in robes, showing off a few of their moves before moving on to the competition.

The finalists were each set to perform one more time and be scored by the judges in order to determine the winner of World of Dance Season 4. Derek and JLo both agreed that they didn’t know who would be the winner at the end of the episode.

Each of the contestants had time to spend with the judges in the week leading up to their performances in order to show their routine and get advice on any changes.

Oxygen was the first to perform. They chose to perform their routine to “Sail” by AWOLnation while donned in black and blue clothing. They created many of the types of shapes the judges have come to expect from them but took it up a notch from where they’ve been so far.

“Super clean lines, beautiful pictures, everything I’ve come to expect from you guys,” Ne-Yo told them after their performance. JLo said that the beginning of the routine was amazing, though she thought the ending fell a little bit flat. Their score evened out to 93.0 with JLo giving them a 91, Ne-Yo scoring their performance at 94 and Derek agreeing with Ne-Yo at a 94.

Next up to perform was MDC 3, the teen trio that was the only Junior act left standing. They performed to “I Surrender” by Celine Dion and told the story of their time in the competition so far with their push and pull movements.

“Wow, MDC3! I was watching you, it’s the tricks, it’s the amazing things you can do, but honestly, it’s the quality of your dance that gave me goosies,” JLo said. She added that the performance was breathtaking. Derek loved their head slide in the middle of the performance.

Their score was 95.7 based on JLo’s score of 95, Ne-Yo’s of 95and Derek’s of 97.  They had to beat 93 to take first place and stay in the competition, meaning they knocked Oxygen out of the competition.

The third act to perform on the finale was Jefferson y Adrianita, the Salsa-dancing couple who took the judges by surprise in the qualifiers when they told them they named their son after Derek Hough. They performed a dance to “Celia y tito.” The tricks they performed during the act were incredible, and the judges loved it.

“I loved the performance, I thought it was very strong,” JLo said, but she didn’t like the stairs they used as part of their performance.

Their score was 95.3. Derek gave them 96, Ne-Yo scored them at 94, and JLo put them at 96. The score wasn’t quite enough to push them above MDC 3, though, meaning that their finale dance was the end of the road.

Last to perform on the finale was Geometrie Variable. They took notes from JLo and Ne-Yo about speeding up the choreography during their mentoring. For their performance, they performed to “You Know You Like It” by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge, using lasers and their arms and legs to create images.

“You know I never would have thought that a group doing what you guys do would make it to the finale,” JLo told them after their performance. Derek added that they did a great job with props in order to elevate their performance rather than detract from it.

Their score was 93.3. Derek gave them a 94, JLo gave them 92 and Ne-Yo offered a score of 94. They had to beat a score of 95.7 to win the competition.

That means the winner of World of Dance 2020 is MDC3. They’ll take home $1 million of prize money.

Has ‘World of Dance’ Been Renewed for Season 5?

The show has not yet been renewed, but it’s likely that it will be renewed for season 5 based on the ratings of the current season. Last year, the show was renewed before the season finished airing, but that’s not the case this year. It’s not clear if that’s due to COVID-19 changes or possibly due to some other internal decision still being made.

This year, World of Dance has had consistently high ratings, with World of Dance and America’s Got Talent being the number one and two shows of the night in 9 of 9 key demographics.

On June 30, NBC reported that World of Dance hit a new season-high the week before and grew 102% in social traffic.

While it’s not confirmed yet, it is likely that World of Dance will be renewed for another season. Right now, the status is officially ‘pending.’

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