‘Yellowstone’: Who Is Jamie Dutton’s Real Dad, Garrett Randall?


On Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9, Jamie Dutton finally met his real dad, Garrett Randall. Some fans thought that meeting him wasn’t a great idea, considering his dad’s past. But Jamie wanted to know where he comes from so he can better understand himself. Read on to learn more about Garrett and who plays him on Yellowstone.

This article has spoilers through Season 3 Episode 9. 

Garrett Randall Killed Jamie’s Mother

In a previous episode, we learned that Garrett Randall had killed Jamie’s biological mother. In fact, that was why John ended up adopting Jamie. He and some others had been friends with Jamie’s mother and had asked her not to get involved with Garrett. They knew Garrett had serious issues. But she loved Garrett, and he ended up killing her.

When Jamie asked Garrett why he did that, Garrett simply said that Jamie’s mom had sold her body for drugs, and that was why he killed her.

Jamie didn’t learn he was adopted from John, but from court records. Here are screenshots of the court records that we saw in a previous episode. These aren’t the best quality screenshots, but they still can give you an idea of what Jamie learned.





Jamie’s original birth name was James Michael Randall, according to the adoption papers, and John and Evelyn Dutton adopted him.

Garrett Randall served a long time in jail and was eventually released, and now Jamie’s found him.

The revelation of Jamie’s dad’s identity put to rest a lot of theories Yellowstone fans had that Wade was going to be Jamie’s dad. It’s worth noting that there is no reason to believe Wade is any relation to Jamie or Garrett Randall. Wade’s last name is Morrow, not Garrett or Randall (as some have been sharing on Twitter.) So that theory has now been disproven.

Garrett Randall Is Played By Will Patton

If you recognize Garrett Randall, it’s because the actor who portrays him is quite prolific. Will Patton portrays Garrett, and he’s the perfect choice. His many credits include Sweet Thing, Radioflash, Swamp Thing (Avery Sunderland), Shots Fired (Daniel Platt), Halloween, Boarding School, The Good Wife (Mike Tascioni), Falling Skies (Captain Dan Weaver), The November Man, CSI, Knucklehead, 24 (Alan Wilson), The Canyon, Numb3rs (Gary Walker), Dog Days of Summer, The Agency (Jackson), Road House (Nate), The Last Ride, The Punisher, The Mothman Prophecies, Armageddon (many people recognize him as Chick), VR 4, The Postman, Search for Tomorrow, Remember the Titans, and much more.

Many people remember Patton from Remember the Titans.

Yes, he starred on The Postman with Kevin Costner. They have a history together.

Will Patton is a very talented actor, so it’s likely that we are going to see a lot more of him on the show. He appeared in the trailer for next week. It’s not clear if he will continue into next season too, but he will probably have a significant role to play in the finale.

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