‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale Date: When Is the Last Episode?


Season 3 of Yellowstone on Paramount TV has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, we’re already nearing the end. Just when is the Season 3 finale? Read on for more details.

The Season 3 Finale is Sunday, August 23

Yellowstone traditionally only has 10 episodes each season. Since the latest episode on August 9 was Episode 8, that means we only have two episodes left before Season 3 is over.

According to TV Guide, Season 3 Episode 9 is called “Meaner than Evil” and it airs on August 16.

Then the Season 3 finale — Episode 10 — airs on Sunday, August 23.

Each episode airs on Paramount Network and CMT at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.) Some fans have said that if you watch on YouTube TV live, you can watch without commercials.

Theories for the Last Two Episodes

There are some major plot points in play as we near the finale, and each of these could leave fans worried about what’s going to happen in the last two episodes.

Spoilers for Episodes 1-8 of Season 3 are below. 

First, Jamie learned that he’s adopted and his biological father murdered his mother. There’s a lot of fan speculation as to whether his biological dad is actually on the show now or a new character who will be introduced next season. If his dad is on the show, that will likely be revealed by the finale, I’d imagine.

John Dutton has a tempting offer to sell the land. He won’t do it, but Beth laid out a depressing conclusion if he doesn’t sell. She said that Jamie will have to recuse himself, they’ll be left without a good lawyer, and the land will end up being taken from them anyway and sold for just pennies. She painted a picture where John loses everything and has no legacy to leave his kids.

We haven’t seen much of Roarke, Josh Holloway’s character. He pretty much just makes a short cameo appearance each episode, so I can’t imagine that he’ll get killed or anything that serious by the end of this season.

Beth and Rip will likely get married before the season ends. I just can’t imagine anything going wrong between them, so I feel we’re pretty safe there. Of course, Walker’s return could throw a wrench into things. I don’t think he’ll get between Rip and Beth as far as a love triangle or anything like that. But Lloyd said he thought Walker was dead, which makes me wonder if Kayce made Rip and Lloyd think that he killed Walker. If that is the case, then there may be a war brewing between Walker and Kayce, and that could make Beth unhappy.

I’m going to guess that Monica will ultimately join law enforcement, but I’m unsure if that will happen this season or not. She’s certainly seeing things from Kayce’s perspective more and more these days.

The biggest war is going to be between John Dutton and Wade Morrow’s people. John’s people will seek to avenge Colby and Teeter (whether they lived or died). This is going to kick things up a level between the two groups. I’m betting that is the focus of the last two episodes and the feud with Roarke is going to extend into Season 4.

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