BB 22 Cast Compared Housemate to OJ Simpson

The cast of Big Brother 22 last week when Da'Vonne Rogers was evicted.

CBS The cast of Big Brother 22 last week when Da'Vonne Rogers was evicted.

The first month in the Big Brother season 22 house were fairly drama-free, but in recent weeks, the majority alliance in the house has started to show its irritation and dislike with the houseguests outside the alliance and it’s getting a little ugly.

First, Memphis Garrett was heard and seen on the live feeds mocking Ian Terry’s autism, laughing about the way Terry rocks back and forth as a calming technique. Fellow houseguests Dani Donato, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore were laughing and joking along with Garrett — and now Franzel has unknowingly lost several sponsor partnerships because of the incident.

Then over this past weekend, David Alexander came under fire, with several houseguests comparing him to O.J. Simpson. Here’s what went down, but BE WARNED of spoilers from the live feeds. This article is about something that hasn’t aired on the broadcast show yet.

Alexander Used His Power to Take Himself Off the Block

On the live feeds this weekend, Calafiore, Tyler Crispen, Franzel, and Terry were in the backyard talking about the nominations. Calafiore and Crispen were upset because Head of Household Donato originally nominated Alexander and Kevin Campbell, but Alexander used his basement power to take himself off the block.

In case you don’t remember, Alexander won the Disruptor Power, which “allows him to secretly save one of the HOH’s nominees—including himself—and force them to nominate somebody else,” according to the CBS website. He did not use it last week when Christmas Abbot was HOH, but this week, Donato nominated him and he chose to save himself, as anyone would have.

We don’t know exactly how that went down, however, because the nomination ceremony does not air on the live feeds. So, at some point after being nominated, Alexander must have chosen to use his power and Donato was forced to nominate someone else. We know now that she chose to nominate Crispen.

Calafiore and Crispen Said Alexander Committed a Crime like OJ Simpson

After Crispen was put up as at the replacement nominee, he and his fellow houseguests were in the backyard talking about it, with Calafiore and Crispen getting mad and saying Alexander should have to “admit it” because that’s how Simpson got off for murdering his wife.

“I want confirmation. Everybody thought O.J. murdered his wife and he got off. ‘Cause he didn’t say it. If a murderer does something or somebody does a crime…” said Calafiore.

At this point, Franzel was visibly unnerved by the comparison and she said that it doesn’t matter if Alexander admits it and that the Simpson thing “has nothing to do” with their situation in the house.

To which Crispen responded, “He did a murder. He murdered me.”

“So somebody committed a crime — get Tyler on the block … we all think that Davis is the reason that he is there, but we have no proof,” said Calafiore, to which Franzel said, “You’re ridiculous.”

“We need to find proof,” said Crispen.

It’s unclear why they need proof — unless they think that Alexander’s power let him pick the re-nom, which it doesn’t. But Garrett has commented on the feeds that production told him he could use intimidation on Alexander to “get it out of him.”

Even if Alexander’s power did let him pick the re-nom, fans think the comparison to Simpson is very uncalled for.

Fans Don’t Like the Racial Connotations in Calafiore’s Comparison

One user wrote on Twitter, “Cody comparing David to OJ Simpson is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen on bb. How is a black man saving himself from the block comparable to being a murderer?”

“They really compared David playing a power to save himself, and how dare he not tell them.. they compared it to OJ Simpson murdering his wife and not saying he did it. WTF is that? If you continue to make excuses for these trash bags, you’re also the problem,” wrote another.

A third user posted a video where the day after Calafiore compared Alexander to Simpson, Alexander talked to him about racial bias in the house that get him seen as a threat and Calafiore flat-out denied that that happens.

Finally, another user summed up why the comments are problematic by writing, “The more I think about that OJ Simpson crack, the more it bothers me. Black people are facing terrible police brutality because the cops assume we’re all murderers or thugs. And it’s because of attitudes like Cody’s. To anyone who thinks it was a harmless comment, it’s not.”

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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