Carole Baskin Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Filed by Don Lewis’s Children

Carole Baskin Lawsuit

Netflix Carole Baskin has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by her missing ex-husband's children.

Carole Baskin, of Tiger King and Dancing With the Starshas filed a motion to get a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by her missing husband, Down Lewis’, children.

Tonight’s episode of 48 Hours Suspicion will showcase new information about Lewis’ disappearance and the case around it, as investigated by correspondent Richard Schlesinger. The Tiger King docuseries focused much more on the feud between Joe “Joe Exotic” Schreibvogel and Carole Baskin.

Removed from the case of Lewis’ disappearance, however, is another lawsuit that was filed by his children against Baskin.

Don Lewis’ Children Filed a Lawsuit Looking for More Information in Their Father’s Death

Alongside Don Lewis’ former assistant Anne McQueen, his children, Donna L. Pettis, Lynda L. Sanchez and Gale L. Rathbone, filed a lawsuit in August 2020 seeking information about Lewis’ death.

Following the lawsuit being filed, Baskin made a motion to dismiss it in court, saying that it came too long after the 1997 disappearance.

The motion alleges that Tiger King “apparently encouraged the Plaintiffs to attempt to revive and relitigate unsupported allegations and suspected causes of action that have expired and/or were resolved in court long ago.”

According to law and crime, Baskin and Lewis’ children have already settled legal issues among them in court – 22 years ago.

The Motion to Dismiss Says the Complaint is “Devoid of Any Facts”

The motion to dismiss the Pure Bill of Discovery includes language claiming that the children and former assistant used the Bill of Discovery improperly.

The legal documents state that the “Plaintiffs’ Complaint is entirely devoid of any facts that would allow for equitable tolling… This is an entirely improper use of a bill of discovery.”

It’s notable that the Pure Bill of Discovery was filed to seek information about something, and it cannot be used to claim any compensation; however, the information gathered, if applicable, could be used as a basis of a later lawsuit filed.

The Pure Bill of Discovery lawsuit comes 18 years after Don Lewis was legally declared “presumed dead.”

Don Lewis Is Presumed Dead and Family Suggests Baskin May Have Forged Estate Records

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In the lawsuit filed by Lewis’ family, they argue that Baskin and other parties may have forged estate records, “which prevented Plaintiffs from obtaining information regarding Mr. Lewis’ estate and finances following his disappearance and death,” law and crime reports.

Carole Baskin is cited as a defendant as well as Kenneth Farr and Susan Bradshaw.

Since the release of Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries, theories have sprouted all over the internet about what may have happened to Lewis, and many of those theories posit that Carole Baskin may have been involved somehow, with The Sun reporting that police have reported they believe Lewis was murdered.

In the docuseries, Joe Exotic claimed that Baskin murdered her husband and fed him to the tigers they owned so she could claim his fortune. Baskin and her current husband have vehemently denied these accusations and said that they were lied to by the filmmakers.

Lewis’ Lawyer, attorney Joseph Fritz, says he believes that Lewis was, in fact, murdered.

“What I had heard was that he was strangled from the back seat of an airplane over the Gulf at 50 feet and dropped out over the Gulf,” he told The Sun.

Lewis’ truck had been found at a private airfield 40 miles from Big Cat Rescue after he was reported missing. Fritz believed he was lured to the airfield by someone claiming to have a good deal on an airplane.

“He loved those cats,” the attorney said. “He never would have just walked away from them. Ever.”

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