What Erika Girardi Thinks of Denise Richards Today

Erika Girardi

Getty Erika Girardi in 2019

In a preview clip posted by Bravo of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 reunion, viewers will get to know what Erika Girardi really thinks of costar Denise Richards.

In the clip, the women are fighting with Richards about the comments that were made at a party Richards threw at her home earlier in the season. Richards became upset after that party because the other women were talking about threesomes while her children and their friends were there. However, the other women pointed out during the reunion that during the party, Richards was also talking about her husband, Aaron Phypers, quite inappropriately.

“I think she was trying to make us as a group look bad,” Girardi said in the reunion preview. “I mean, it was a perfect setup. We had our table, their table, we always have adult conversations, that’s what we do as a group, and then all of a sudden we’re penalized for that, for having a conversation here when those children are yards away.”

Girardi then alleged that an upset Richards took her to coffee to talk about what had happened, while Richards denied that was the reason she went to coffee with Girardi. Later in the clip, Girardi said, “I was okay with being singled out because I knew I was being singled out. I took it on the chin, I apologized sincerely. Then, I find out you take it to Teddi and Sutton. Motherf***er, I’m out, that’s bulls***.”

Girardi Has Not Defended Richards In The Affair Scandal

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Throughout season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, former star Brandi Glanville alleged that she had an affair with Richards. However, most of the ladies are taking Glanville’s word on the affair, and that includes Girardi.

In an April 2020 interview with Hollywood Life, Girardi said, “I know Brandi through Yolanda [Hadid] and I know that Yolanda always thought Brandi was truthful and my interactions with Brandi have been very straightforward and I don’t think that she has a reason to say something this impactful if in fact it was not true. There’s no way she’s pulling it out of thin air. I’ll just tell you that.”

On the July 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville spoke about the details of her alleged affair with Richards to costars Teddi MellencampKyle Richards, and Kim Richards. Glanville alleged that she and Denise Richards first made out in a bathroom while out to dinner, and then things quickly escalated from there. Glanville also alleged that Richards and her husband have an open marriage, but Richards has denied all of the claims.

Girardi Didn’t Get Along With Richards’ Husband This Season

Even though Girardi may have fought with Richards during the reunion, she also had issues throughout the season with Richard’s husband, Aaron Phypers. The two had a disagreement during the July 8 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as they talked about what had happened at Richards’ party. Girardi did not like the way that Phypers was speaking to her.

“Denise is a grown woman,” Girardi said about the incident during an RHOBH aftershow, as noted by Bravo. “She’s perfectly capable of handling her business, and you don’t need to speak to us in a way that makes us feel like you have all the answers and we have none and just kind of putting yourself in a position that you really don’t need to be in.”

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