Homelander’s Son Is Played by a New Actor in ‘The Boys’ Season 2

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Amazon Homelander's son on The Boys.

If you’re watching Season 2 of The Boys on Amazon, you might have noticed something interesting — especially if you just rewatched Season 1 as a refresher. Homelander’s son is now played by a different actor, whom we first see in Episode 2 of Season 2. The Boys released its first three episodes early on Amazon on Thursday night.

In Season 1, Homelander’s Son Was Played by Parker Corno

IMDb only lists Parker Corno as playing an “eight-year-old boy” in Season 1, but other sources including Looper confirm that he’s the actor who played Homelander’s son in Season 1. When Homelander reveals that he’s the boy’s dad, his eyes glow red.

In Season 1, the boy looked a lot more like Homelander than he does in Season 2. He had glowing red eyes, bright blonde hair, and he was even dressed in red, white, and blue.

AmazonSeason 1

Here’s a look at that scene again at the end of Season 1.

The Boys Ending Scene Finale Amazon Billy Butcher & HomelanderPicture it: a world obsessed with superheroes. OK, that’s not too hard. Instead, picture a world where people have superpowers, and a lot of them happen to be awful. That’s the distinction made by “The Boys,” the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series which debuted Monday at the Tribeca Film Festival. The first episode, written by…2019-07-29T07:43:03Z

Parker Corno has one additional credit to his name, according to IMDb, when he played “Dutch Kid #1” on Impulse the TV series in 2018 for one episode.

As you can see, his eyes match Homelander’s quite well.

Homelander’s Son Is Played by Cameron Crovetti in Season 2

Cameron Crovetti is playing Homelander’s son in Season 2, according to IMDb. He’s also blonde, but his similarity to Homelander is subtler.

AmazonSeason 2

It’s possible that Crovetti was chosen because he has a lot more acting experience that Corno. According to IMDb, he not only plays Ryan Butcher in Season 2, but he was Ryan Broderick on Dirty John for six episodes, and Josh Wright on Big Little Lies for 14 episodes. He also played Carol on Single Parents, a blond boy on Teachers, Dylan #2 on Black-ish in 2017, and Tim on Anywhere with You. 

According to his bio, Crovetti decided he wanted to act when he saw his older sister, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp, on set. Isabella Crovetti has starred in Shimmer and Shine for 79 episodes, Vampirina for 47 episodes, Colony for 36 (Gracie Bowman), The Neighbors for 44 episodes as Abby, and much more.

He also has a twin brother, Nicholas Crovetti (who played alongside him in Anywhere with You, Big Little Lies, and Black-ish), and he’s the son of Denise Crovetti and Bradley Cramp. Denise Crovetti has film and Broadway experience, and Bradley Cramp has extensive production and director experience, including Gattaca, Buzz, Sports: AT&T Original Documentaries, Lord of War, and more.

Crovetti has shared some details on Instagram about his role on The Boys. Here’s a video he shared.

And he shared this photo.

And another video:

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