WATCH: Joe Rogan Wants a Ranch with a Gun Range & Concerts in Austin, Texas

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During one of his first podcasts in his new Texas studio, Joe Rogan talked about his dreams and future plans in Austin, Texas. His ideas — which still need a little defining — include opening a comedy club and a gun range on a ranch in Austin, along with possibly hosting concerts to benefit charities, too.

Joe Rogan Has Big Dreams for Texas

Rogan has big dreams for his future plans in Texas. He’s already excited about being in the Lone Star State because of all the freedom that Texas brings.

You can see a clip of his talking about his plans below.

In the clip, he said that one of the things he loves about Texas “is the fact that it’s so wild. You can do a lot of s*** here…”

Then Rogan went on to talk about a ranch he looked at.

“I looked at a ranch,” Rogan said. “And I said, ‘What if I wanted to put a comedy club on this ranch? Is there any rules?’ They go, ‘No. No go ahead.’ … ‘What about a shooting range?’ They go, ‘OK, fine… Do whatever the f*** you want. Put a fence around it. Shoot every animal you have.’ … They don’t care. … It’s freedom.”

Then Rogan continued.

“I’m gonna open up a club, 100%,” he told his guest, Ron White. “That’s the plan. There’s a long-term plan. There’s a ranch and a club in those long-term plans.”

Rogan said he didn’t know yet if the club would be on the ranch. “I haven’t decided yet,” he added.

White told him that he had to have a club that people could go to on his ranch. White is a stand-up comedian and actor who’s a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

“Yeah, they get in a car,” Rogan said. “They go to the ranch.”

White insisted it was all about location, but Rogan wasn’t so sure that he agreed.

“Not just BBQ and comedy,” Rogan continued. “I mean outdoor festivals. I want to put an amphitheater and … do charity concerts. Like legitimately. I think it all can be done. Promoted on the podcast… Have it for good will. All the  money goes to charity.”

You can watch Rogan’s entire podcast with White below, including the short clip from above.

Joe Rogan Experience #1534 – Ron WhiteRon White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His special “If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up” is now streaming on Netflix.2020-09-09T18:09:50Z

The podcast was just released on September 9.

Rogan fans are talking about his plans already, and he just shared them on his podcast today.

On Reddit, one person asked: “Could this be the moment when Austin officially jumps the shark?”

Another person wrote that they thought it was a good idea: “Could work depending on the location…it seems like it would need to be a destination spot bc IDK who would wanna go out in the rural areas to watch a comedy show.”

Local Sources Said Rogan Purchased a Home in Lake Austin

Two real estate sources confirmed back in August that Rogan purchased a home along Lake Austin in Austin, Texas, CultureMap reported. His home is reportedly near homes owned by Sandra Bullock and Austin billionaire John Paul DeJoria, according to sources who spoke with CultureMap.

Rogan posted a photo on Instagram of construction done on his podcasting studio.

View this post on Instagram

Texas JRE studio set up has begun!

A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on

He first announced that he was leaving California for Texas on his podcast.

Joe Rogan Talks Spotify, Possible Move to Austin…Sort OfTaken from JRE #1486 w/Honey Honey:

And now he’s already hosting podcasts from his brand new Texas studio.

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