WATCH: View Host Joy Behar Accused of Blackface by Kim Klacik

The View

The View Joy Behar, co-host of "The View," was accused of wearing blackface during an interview with Maryland GOP congressional candidate.

Joy Behar, co-host of The View, was accused of wearing blackface during an interview with Maryland GOP congressional candidate Kim Klacik. The politician made the accusation in the beginning of the interview, asking if she was talking to “the same Joy that paraded around in blackface.”

“Is this Joy speaking?” Klacik said after Behar asked her about President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response. “The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago?”

“That’s not true. Excuse me — excuse me! The Black community had my back,” Behar said. “They know that that was not blackface. That was an homage. Oh, please.”

The photo was originally taken when Behar was in her 20s, but it didn’t circle around social media until last year. Behar, who briefly addressed the blackface incident on The View, said she was dressed as a “beautiful American woman” for Halloween, as noted by The Hill.

Klacik’s Interview Was Cut Short

Klacik’s didn’t last long.

She said the black community also had her back, that’s when co-host Sunny Hostin got involved. “The Black community has your back?” she said. “The Black community did not vote for you. The Black community did not vote for you. What planet are you living on? What planet are you living on?”

Klacik was quickly cut off by the hosts. “Can I speak, or are you just going to scream over me?” she asked.

But Behar wasn’t going to let the interview continue. “All right, before this becomes a big — listen, Kim, good luck to you. Thanks to Kim Klacik. Bye,” Behar said.

Klacik was not pleased. “That’s been very immature, but thank you for having me,” Klacik said.

Klacik Took To Twitter To Slam ‘The View’

Klacik wasn’t finished. Following the abrupt end to her interview, she took to Twitter where she slammed The View co-hosts and Behar particularly.

“The ladies of [The View] didn’t like what I had to say, so naturally they cut me off. Why are they silencing Black Women?” she tweeted. “Hey, [Joy Behar]— I think your White Privilege is showing through your blackface!”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said the photo being resurfaced could lead to more stories. “So… I’m pretty sure that saying skin tinting to look like a Black woman – even if meant to honor her -is not OK, & warning: could lead to serious backlash. In fact, just suggesting that intent is relevant could lead to pieces on GMA, all eve news, in the NYT, etc. We’ll see…” she tweeted.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a photo of Behar’s blackface. “Apparently, [The View’s] resident blackface enthusiast, [Joy Behar], isn’t a big fan of strong conservative black women like [Kim Klacik],” he tweeted.

Co-host Megan McCain didn’t directly respond to the incident, but she answered an internet troll who bashed the ABC show. “With all due respect. I have been on the show four years and am proud of the perspective and voices I speak for,” the conservative host wrote. “I spend a portion of my life receiving violent threats and abuse because of the strong conservative stances I believe in. The show is not a monolith, neither in America.”

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