Larissa & Jess Call Colt a ‘Trash Man’ Following 90 Day Fiancé Episode [VIDEO]

Larissa and Jess, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Larissa and Jess took to Instagram to troll ex-husband/boyfriend Colt Johnson following last week's episode of "90 Day Fiance."

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Jess Caroline finally meet face-to-face at a cafe during the September 6 episode of 90 Day Fiancé. The two quickly bond over their (arguably terrible) experiences with ex-husband/boyfriend Colt Johnson, and they do NOT hold back when it comes to discussing their failed relationships. From Colt’s habitual lying to his mother Debbie and the size of his manhood, Larissa and Jess spend an afternoon bashing the reality star and developing an unexpected friendship.

So what’s going on with the reality stars today? Are Larissa and Jess still friends, or have they gone their separate ways since filming wrapped up? Was their meeting just for show? Keep reading for a rundown on what went down between the two Brazilian ladies on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, but be warned: some spoilers ahead!

Jess Reaches Out to Larissa & They Spend an Afternoon Bashing Colt

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As fans are likely aware of by now, Jess and Colt are no longer together, and viewers will get a chance to watch their breakup unfold during tonight’s episode. After Colt comes clean about his friend Vanessa moving into his mother Debbie’s house, Jess ends their relationship and calls Larissa. In the clip above, Jess opens up to Larissa about how often Colt lied to her, how hurt she was by his actions, and how she feels like Colt used her to make Larissa jealous.

“I think that Colt use me,” Jess tells Larissa. “For maybe jealous for you, because going to Brazil, meet my family Debbie.” Larissa responds, “Yeah he tried to make the same history,” and Jess adds, “I think he say ‘Oh Brazilian girls, maybe Larissa jealous.’” To her credit, Larissa listens to Jess, attempts to comfort her by relating their situations, and the two spend the afternoon ridiculing their ex.

“Colt broken my feelings and Colt don’t care about me,” Jess explains during a confessional. “I wish I listen to Larissa when she call me and say ‘Jess be careful, Colt is trash man.’” She also tells Larissa that she’s “sad because I want kids one day, and Colt promise promise promise promise promise promise promise, and nothing.” Larissa agrees that Colt is all talk and no action and adds, “Do what he does, only promise, nothing.”

Jess then tells Larissa about the eight other women who messaged her on social media claiming Colt sent them “d–k pics,” so the reality stars spend the rest of the clip discussing the size of Colt’s manhood. Larissa says, “I don’t know, I feel like he wants to be a pimp,” and jokes that Colt thought he was a “bigger deal” than he actually was. Jess add that he had, “too much hands for little d–k,” while Larissa indicates how small he was with her fingers, and the two enjoy plenty of laughs at Colt’s expense for the rest of the clip.

Jess Tagged Larissa in a Post About Her Breakup With Colt in 2019

Colt Johnson, 90 Day Fiance

InstagramColt Johnson, star of the hit reality series “90 Day Fiancé,” has a new Brazilian girlfriend named Jess. Here’s what we know about the reality stars.

News that Colt’s two exes had formed a friendship actually surfaced last fall after Jess revealed that she and Colt had split. She took to Instagram in October 2019 to share her thoughts on the end of their relationship, where she claimed Colt used her pictures as “revenge porn.” The Brazilian native shared screenshots of a DM conversation with a man named Sena, who claimed to be a friend of Colt’s, and who showed her the pictures that Colt had allegedly sent him.

Jess then posted another lengthy statement on Instagram, where she accused Colt of being abusive. “Don’t be silent about abuse! Do not be silent by threats, do not be afraid, do not be ashamed! Today I’m going through this, if I don’t speak tomorrow it will be another. Women, get help! I do not wish that even for the worst enemy, all the suffering that goes on, all my [friends know], how much I cried and suffered.”

Jess tagged Larissa in the post about Colt’s alleged abuse, and Larissa showed her support for Jess’s confession by re-sharing the screenshots of the DM conversions between Jess and Colt’s friend Sena. “Just reposting to help my Brazilian friend,” Larissa wrote at the time, according to Starcasm.

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Both Reality Stars Shared a Photo of Themselves Kissing Following the August 30 Episode of  90 Day

It looks like the two Brazilian bombshells are still good friends today, based on a few photos that were uploaded on August 30 following last week’s episode of the show. The episode featured Jess confronting Colt about several women who claimed he had sent them “d–k pics” while he and Jess were still together (well, Colt says they were on a “break,” but still), and just as the episode cut out, Colt admitted that his friend Vanessa was living with him.

Shortly after the episode ended, both Jess and Larissa shared a few pictures from their first meeting. “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another,” Jess captioned the photo above, which features the two ladies kissing. “We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”

Larissa then uploaded the same photo of them sharing a smooch, as well as another picture of the reality stars gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling. The caption reads, “To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

Jess and Larissa also took to Instagram to troll Colt shortly before posting the photos. In the video above, the reality stars reveal that they were actually watching the episode together at Larissa and Eric’s house; Jess can be seen shouting “f–k you!” to Colt while the two giggle, chant “trash man, trash man, trash man,” and drink beer, so it’s obvious the Brazilian ladies are still good friends today.

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