‘Love Island’ Exclusive: Carrington Is Open to Pursuing Lauren

Kierstan Saulter and Carrington Rodriguez are a couple on Love Island USA Season 2

CBS Kierstan Saulter and Carrington Rodriguez are a couple on Love Island USA Season 2

Things are heating up on the CBS summer romance reality show Love Island, where new girl Lauren Coogan has really thrown the islanders for a loop. When she showed up on Tuesday’s (Sept. 1) episode, jaws were dropping all over the villa because everyone was blown away by how hot she is β€” though honestly, she’s not any hotter than any of the other girls. But that didn’t stop everyone from going ga-ga over her.

Now in this exclusive clip of Thursday’s two-hour episode, Carrington Rodriguez comes back from his date with Lauren and has to admit to his partner, Kierstan Saulter, that he might want to pursue things with Lauren.

Carrington Says It’s ‘Unfair’ to Not Let Him Get to Know Lauren

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When Carrington returns to the villa after his date with Lauren, he tells Kierstan that “it was fun, it was cool,” but she shouldn’t “take it in a bad way” that he thinks that.

But Kierstan knows something is up and asks him if he wants to keep things open with Lauren and possibly pursue her. He says he doesn’t know.

“I just feel like it’d be unfair to me to not get to know this new girl. I get that it sucks, but I was so adamant about letting you know that. … I do care about you,” says Carrington, adding that Kierstan went on dates with both Caleb Corprew and Calvin Cobb the other night, so what’s the difference?

Kierstan says the difference is that she knows how she feels about him and there’s really no one else there that she wants to get to know.

In a confessional interview, Kierstan tears up and says, “I just didn’t expect this. Clearly, my intuition sucks. Like, what is going on? I’m shaking.”

To Carrington, she shuts down the conversation with, “I just want to go to bed. Honestly, this day just needs to be over.”

What will happen? Lauren went on a date with Connor Trott based on America’s vote, then she chose to go on two other dates with Carrington and Johnny Middlebrooks. All three of those men are pretty tight so far with their partners, so they all have the potential for major drama in the villa if one of them chooses Lauren over his current partner.

The Current Couples

Currently, the couples are Caleb and Rachel Lundell, Calvin and Moira Tumas, Carrington and Kierstan, Cely Vazquez and Johnny, Connor and Mackenzie Dipman, and Justine Ndiba and Tre Forte. Kaitlynn Anderson, James McCool, and Jeremiah White have been dumped.

The next recoupling is guys’ choice, so… will Lauren be on the outs? Or will it be Kierstan, Mackenzie, or Cely? Our money is on either Carrington dumping Kierstan for Lauren, or Lauren leaving without a partner.

Love Island airs every night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, with a two-hour weekly recap show airing Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 10 pm. ET/PT. This week, the only night it will be preempted is Wednesday, September 2. It will air all the other nights of the week this week.

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