Malia White’s Cryptic Post Sparks Tom Checketts Cheating Rumors

Malia White

Instagram "Below Deck" star Malia White sparked Tom Checketts breakup rumors after she posted a cryptic message on Instagram.

Below Deck star Malia White sparked Tom Checketts breakup rumors after she posted a cryptic message on Instagram. She seemed to hint that the couple split after the chef cheated on her by sharing a meme of Beyonce and Jay Z.

“The first time he cheats vs. when you’ve had enough,” a photo posted on the boson’s Instagram story September 20 read. “Stay classy, sassy and a little bad assy,” she shared in another message, adding “personal reminder.”

Earlier in the day, she shared a photo of herself drinking a glass of wine. “Cheers to all the ladies out there in their 30’s, single, focused on their careers & that give zero f*cks!” Malia wrote. She added hashtags like “Thank you next.”

Malia White

Instagram“Below Deck” star Malia White sparked Tom Checketts breakup rumors after she posted a cryptic message on Instagram.

The apparent split comes days after Tom shared photos of the couple reuniting in London. “A very brief trip to London with this one,” he wrote the week before. The post still remains on Tom’s Instagram page, though Malia and Tom are no longer following each other on the social media site.

In a July post, Tom talked about how hard it was to be away from Malia. “Missing the amazing @maliakpwhite so much,” he wrote. “It’s tough being apart so it’s lucky that absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

Malia Said Tom Joining Her On ‘Below Deck’ Was A ‘Nightmare’

Malia was not fond of having her boyfriend aboard The Wellington. As most Below Deck fans are well aware, Tom joined the charter in the middle of Season 5 after chef after Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran was fired. Tom just happened to be in Spain and visiting Malia, when Captain Sandy Yawn asked if he would help her out.

Even though Malia vouched for Tom–and caused drama about room arrangements so they could sleep together–Malia later said it was a “nightmare” to have her boyfriend on The Wellington.

“Tom coming on board as chef was like a nightmare. On a selfish level, I wanted this to be about me becoming bosun, and I think Tom coming on board, it’s now Malia and Tom. We’re like a team,” Malia told Bravo. “That’s a whole ‘nother dynamic you have to worry about.”

Malia tried to help Tom out when his dishes weren’t going over well with guests and ran to Sandy when former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier refused to room with Second Stew Bugsy Drake. Sandy ultimately sided with Malia, and while the boson was changing rumors she just happened to discover prescpriton medication that Hannah hadn’t logged, leading to her termination–a controversial event among Below Deck fans this season.

Malia has since disabled the comment section on her Instagram page and viewers called for her firing.

Malia Was Afraid That Working Together Would Affect Their Relationship

They made it off The Wellington as a couple, but Malia told Bravo she was afraid of how working together might affect them as a couple. “It’s obviously no secret that I’ve had relationships on the show before, and I know how it can be kind of really intense and can impact things,” she told Andy Cohen on The Aftershow, as noted by the Daily Dish. “You know, obviously my fear is how it could affect our relationship because I love Below Deck, but it’s not worth my relationship–not with him, not with this one.”

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