WATCH: Tana Mongeau’s Apology Video for ‘Racist Actions’ Gets Slammed

Tana Mongeau

YouTube YouTuber star Tana Mongeau issued a "long overdue apology" that wasn't exactly well-received. The clip garnered more downvotes than upvotes.

YouTuber star Tana Mongeau issued a “long overdue apology” that wasn’t exactly well-received. The clip garnered more downvotes than upvotes. Mongeau, who has more than 5.4 million YouTube subscribers said she was sorry for her past “racist actions.”

“First and foremost I want to apologize for how long this video has taken. There is no excuse, reason or thing I can say to make that OK and I want to take full accountability for that,” she started the video. “However, I understand that my actions–even over the past few weeks–haven’t been hand-in-hand with accountability.”

a long overdue apologyjoin me in donating to the NAACP, alongside these other charities: this video is 100% demonetized. petitions i signed and you can too (i will be updating this as i sign more which is why i didn't edit them onto the screen):…2020-09-04T20:29:10Z

Mongeau said she didn’t have the right to ask for forgiveness because of the white privilege she processes. “I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for being such a big part of cancel culture for the entirety of my career,” she said. “I don’t deserve a platform if I continue to act in a gaslighting manner.”

Mongeau, 22, then adds she wants to “express my disgust with every single apology video I’ve ever made” and says it is “far past the time” she needed to be responsible for the things she’s done.

“It is far past the time I needed to own up to my behavior and take 100 percent accountability for my actions,” she said. “If I had wanted people to see that I had truly grown, you’d think that my actions would have been in unison with that thought before this moment.”

She briefly made the video private, but then quickly made it public again. She also apologized to fellow YouTuber Kahlen Barry, who tried to offer her advice. [Tana Mongeau] why did you delete mine and Nessa’s comments from your video? because you don’t want your audience to see we don’t forgive that bs apology?” Barry asked.

Mongeau’s Apology Video Gets Slammed

Not everyone was pleased with Mongeau’s video, with it attracting 25,000 upvotes and more than 61,000 downvotes. The most popular comment referred to Mongeau’s tone in the video, which sounded forceful.

“I’m uncomfy she’s saying I’m sorry in such an angry voice,” YouTube user Charley Smith wrote.

Another was confused by the end of the influencer’s video, where she promoted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “Why did it end with a political ad?” Stephanie Hanley asked. “’I’m Tana and I support Joe Biden’— you could have literally just tweeted that instead of making a 15-minute video lying and manipulating like a politician does…sad part is at least politicians are somewhat convincing. Girl is out here pushing her political agenda but being a terrible example of a person. Yikes.”

Keemstar Tells Mongeau Her Apology ‘Sucks’

Drama Alert’s Keemstar addressed Mongeau directly when replying to her video, telling her it “sucks.”

“Stop pandering to the mob,” he said. “You said everything in this video ‘right’ … but everyone knows that person talking in the video is not Tana Mongeau.”

Mongeau agreed with him.

This is actually such amazing advice and you’re 100% right the way I’m talking in the video is nothing like the way I talk in my regular life. I was just scared of sounding upset or emotional or crying so I cut that all out. I don’t want people to think I was being emotional or sad for attention. I am sad. I was sad off camera over it every single day. I just wanted to get straight to the fax. But you definitely make a lot of valid points which is why like I said in my video I will be making a follow up video responding to what ppl have to say.

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