‘The Boys’ Season 2: Parents Guide & Age Rating for the Amazon Series


Amazon is about to release Season 2 of The Boys. Although the show is about superheroes, it’s definitely not family appropriate. And yes, Season 2 is just as dark and gritty as Season 1 (maybe even more so). You may be wondering if Season 2 is appropriate for children, and the answer is no. This is an adult-themed superhero series, just like Season 1, and it’s not child appropriate. Read on to learn more about the parents’ guide and age rating for this series.

‘The Boys’ Season 2 Is Not Appropriate for Children

The Boys is rated 18+ on Amazon Prime. According to Amazon, 18+ for a TV series is the equivalent of TV-MA.

TV-MA means the series was designed for mature audiences only and may contain foul language, graphic violence, graphic sexual activity, nudity, or a combination of these. It means the series isn’t suitable for anyone under 17. According to Fandom, TV-MA is the rating given to most HBO and Showtime series. Series that have been given this rating include Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Nip/Tuck, and more. Fandom noted that many TV-MA television series are more graphic than their R-rated movie counterparts.

According to IMDb, the series has the following rating in other countries:

  • Australia: R18+
  • Brazil: 18
  • Canada: 16+
  • France: 16
  • Germany: 16
  • India: 18+
  • Ireland: 18
  • Italy: VM16
  • Japan: R18+
  • Mexico: TV-MA
  • Netherlands: 16
  • Russia: 18+
  • Singapore: R21
  • South Korea: 18
  • Spain: 16
  • UK: 18 for some episodes and 15 for others
  • US: TV-MA

IMDb Helps Detail Why ‘The Boys’ Is Not Appropriate for Children

IMDb has details about why Season 1 is rated only for 18+. Having reviewed screeners of Season 2, Heavy can confirm that while the season is very entertaining and a must-watch for adults, the contents of Season 2 are still not child-appropriate and include graphic sex scenes and violence.

As for Season 1, IMDb notes that Sex & Nudity is rated as severe. In fact, even the very first episode has full-frontal male nudity more than once. The description on IMDb points out that there is full-frontal male nudity and topless female nudity, including seeing one of the main superheroes with full-frontal nudity.

There’s also a character who can shape-shift from male to female and does this while nude. In Season 1, there’s a disturbing sexually graphic scene that also includes violence, and Season 2 has violent sexual scenes also.

Violence & Gore is also rated as severe. In fact, the violence is very graphic and not what you would normally expect from a superhero show. Season 2 is no different. One person wrote on IMDb: “It is more reminiscent of a graphic horror movie than a Marvel or DC film.” Even the first episode has graphic violence. IMDb’s parental guide lists specific incidents, which are spoilers for Season 1.

One person wrote: “This is one of the most violent tv shows of all time.”

Profanity is rated as severe. One person said that “f***” is said more than 400 times in the eight episodes of Season 1.

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking gets a “moderate” rating from viewers.

The category of frightening and intense scenes gets a moderate rating, as does the category of alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

So no, this is not a superhero show for children and the series deservedly gets the TV-MA rating. However, Season 2 is just as high-quality as Season 1, even if it’s also just as graphic. So adults will certainly enjoy the new season.

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