When Does ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Premiere on Amazon?

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Season 2 of The Boys is almost here on Amazon, and fans couldn’t be more excited. But when does the show arrive on Amazon? Read on for all the details.

‘The Boys’ Premieres on Friday, September 4

If you’re wanting to watch The Boys as soon as Season 2 premieres, then you’re going to have to stay up late. According to a post from the official The Boys Twitter account, the new season premieres at 12 a.m. Pacific on Friday, September 4.


In other time zones, this is 3 a.m. Eastern, 2 a.m. Central, and 1 a.m. Mountain time. So unless you’re planning to make a late night of it on Thursday night/Friday morning, then you’ll likely want to watch later on Friday.

But after you wake up on Friday, any time you’re ready to tune in later, The Boys will be available.

Here’s a countdown from Erin Moriarty shared on Twitter that confirms the same timing.

Only the First Three Episodes are Dropping on September 4

The series is also changing things up from how they did things in Season 1. For Season 1, all the episodes dropped at once on Amazon Prime. This time around, only the first three episodes are dropping on Friday. After that, one episode will be released every Friday around the same time each week.

This means that you can expect the finale to air on October 9, 2020. Just like Season 1, Season 2 will be eight episodes long.

How to Watch ‘The Boys’

If you have Amazon Prime, then watching The Boys is easy. It comes free with your Amazon Prime subscription. Just make sure you’re signed into your Amazon Prime account and watch Season 2 at this link.

You can also watch on your phone (Android and iPhone compatible), tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or another streaming device via the Amazon Video app. Amazon has a guide here explaining how to install Prime Video on your device.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’ll need a subscription to Amazon Prime in order to watch the series. If you’ve never had Prime, you can sign up for a trial if one is available.

Season 1 Recap

Are you curious about where we left off when Season 1 of The Boys ended? Here’s a quick recap.

Billy Butcher discovered that Homelander’s big weakness was Madelyn Stillwill. He went to her home and strapped a bomb onto her. Homelander finds them and claims that he never actually raped Billy’s wife, but he claimed that he believed he had consensual sex with Becca. Homelander then skips over the whole bomb threat from Billy, tells Madelyn that he’s discovered the truth about Becca, and then kills Madelyn himself.

Of course, this leaves Billy without any kind of leverage over Homelander. So Billy blows up Madelyn anyway. Madelyn’s son is there, along with Homelander, and Billy is presumably going to try to kill them all (just in case her son is Homelander’s child.)

However, Homelander “rescues” Billy and takes him to where Becca and her son are hiding out. But as it turns out, her son is Homelander’s child and appears to have superpowers too.

Meanwhile, because Homelander delivered Compound V overseas, Syrian terrorists are now creating their own superhumans.

Hughie breaks Frenchie, Komiko, and Marvin Milk out of jail. Starlight saves them from a black-ops group and they escape. But Hughie and Starlight are confronted by A-Train before they can get very far. A-Train might have won but he goes into cardiac arrest because of Compound V, and Hughie tries to rescue him with CPR. Starlight tells Hughie to run.

We also met Mr. Edgar, who is the head of Vought. He was thinking of retiring and was going to let Madelyn take his role, but that’s over now.

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