‘The Boys’ Season 2: Who Are the Seven Supes Now?


A lot has changed since The Boys first premiered last year on Amazon. The Supes are going through a lot of changes, so you might have a tough time remembering the current lineup of The Seven. So here’s a quick refresher, along with a slight spoiler for Episode 2. The Boys released its first three episodes early on Amazon on Thursday night, rather than early morning on September 4.

Homelander Is Still the ‘Lead’ Supe

Homelander is basically the Superman character of The Boys, and he still holds that lead position as Season 2 premieres. He seems to be the most powerful of all the “supes.” He can fly, he’s bullet-proof/invulnerable, he has super hearing, X-ray vision (but he can’t see through zinc), laser vision that is VERY deadly, and he has super strength. His senses of hearing and smell also let him tell when someone’s adrenaline is racing or when their heart is beating extra fast.

Queen Maeve

Maeve can’t fly and relies on Homelander if they have to get somewhere fast. But other than that, she’s incredibly powerful. She’s also bullet-proof and invulnerable. She has super strength, can leap “super” far, has durability and stamina, and she’s amazing at hand-to-hand combat.

Maeve is still a member of the Seven and has known Homelander the longest of anyone who’s currently with the group.

Black Noir

Yes, Black Noir is still a member of the Seven and he’s still alive and well. He has enhanced strength and durability, and he’s phenomenal at hand-to-hand combat. He’s also very stealthy. Black Noir’s true nature is a big secret, but he had to come from Compound V like the rest of the group.

We already know that one Supe who was in the Seven in the comics was not included in Season 1 (Jack from Jupiter) because he was an alien, and the creators wanted the Supes in the TV show to all be human. So Black Noir definitely isn’t hiding his face because he’s alien born. He’s probably just trying to keep his identity a secret.

Eric Kripke, co-creator, told EW about leaving off Jack from Jupiter: “No gods from mythology, no aliens from other planets. It’s only humans who suddenly found themselves with these extraordinary abilities.”


Despite his injuries and his heart attack, A-Train is still a member of the team. But things were a little dicey with him at the end of Season 1, when he had a heart attack from Compound V and Hughie tried to save his life. Starlight called in the heart attack and the last we saw him, Starlight was with him. He has accelerated healing, so that’ll help him recover from that heart attack.


Starlight is still a member, despite her serious misgivings about the group. She replaced Lamplighter, and she’s causing trouble of her own.

She has her own kind of light/heat vision that’s incredibly damaging, along with a light energy projection ability that comes from her entire body. She can blind someone if she turns on her full light strength, and she can blast someone like a laser weapon. She also has enhanced strength and durability and can absorb electricity. She has a level of super strength too, but not to Homelander’s level. But without an electrical source to draw from, she’s very weak.


Stormfront is the newest major superhero to join the show, and she’s going to be the center of the action. We won’t share much more about her here though, in order not to spoil you.

Translucent Is Dead

Translucent is technically still a member of the Seven, but he’s now dead and needs to be replaced.

The Deep Is Gone from the Seven

The Deep is gone from the Seven, kicked out after his sexual harassment history came to light. But he’s still a very big part of Season 2.

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