Tyler Carter Dropped by Issues Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Tyler Carter Issues

Getty Singer Tyler Carter was fired by the band Issues amid allegations of grooming and sexual assault.

Issues announced that they fired lead singer Tyler Carter, 28, amid sexual assault allegations on September 1. The band shared the news via their official Twitter account with a brief message co-signed by the group’s other three members: Josh Manuel, Skyler Accord and AJ Rebollo.

The Atlanta-based band wrote, “Recently we have become aware of the allegations against Tyler Carter, of grooming and sexual misconduct. We, Josh, Sky, and AJ will no longer be working with Tyler. We believe survivors.”

This news came as shock for many of the band’s fans as Carter helped found Issues in 2012, and fans were unaware of the allegations against the singer. The band’s announcement comes one day after a user online named “daddy dookie” with the handle @dookietrance posted a personal story on Twitter alleging that he was sexually assaulted by Carter.

The man tweeted, “Damn. Happy 10 year anniversary to number[s] that was a crazy time in my life cause I made so many friends, became dookie, and got sexually assaulted by @officialtc while I was passed out drunk and 14 years old… quite a few times from what he told me.

“That doesn’t even include all the grooming and constantly asking me for nudes for the entirety of our ‘friendship’ while I was very underage,” he continued. The handle @dookietrance has since made their Twitter profile private.

Carter has yet to publicly comment on these allegations. It’s not been confirmed as to whether the accusations made on Twitter are directly linked to Issues’ decision to fire Carter.

Fans Had Mixed Reactions to Issues Dropping Carter

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Pouring one out for the old me.

A post shared by TYLER CARTER (@officialtc) on Aug 21, 2020 at 8:27am PDT

While many fans expressed their devastation that their favorite band’s singer was accused of being a pedophile, others waited to make a final judgment on the situation until they either heard an official statement from Carter himself or saw concrete evidence of the alleged sexual assault and grooming accusations.

One person tweeted in response to Issues’ statement, “Literally all I could find for proof was one guy making a thread on his account, with 0 images of proof. Just words. and someone else replying to the main tweet not going in to detail. D*** move on there part for even jumping to this conclusion, with 0 evidence but some text.”

In the same thread, another fan tweeted, “Will there be any further statements on the matter or anything from @officialtc himself? This is so devastating to find out. I admired Tyler Carter and Issues as a whole so much and I’m just f****** heartbroken.”

Other users online took the band’s swift action to fire Carter as enough proof. One fan shared support by tweeting, “Never expected him to [do] these kinds of things and I’m shocked wtf. Nevertheless, I respect the decision, thank you for believing survivors. Godspeed to you three.”

This Isn’t the First Time Issues Lost a Founding Member of the Band

Issues' Tyler Carter On Their Upcoming Third Album & Touring With Don BrocoWe caught up with Issues frontman Tyler Carter to get all the details on their upcoming third album, their plans for the rest of 2019 and his highlights of their recent huge tour with Don Broco. Subscribe to Rock Sound's YouTube channel: bit.ly/XYvFPb #Issues #TylerCarter Get the best interviews, music videos and more from the…2019-02-15T00:09:15Z

While it’s hard for many to imagine what Issues would be like without Carter as the frontman, this wouldn’t be the first time the band lost a founding member and singer. In January 2018, Michael Bohn, who previously sang with Carter in the metalcore band, Woe, Is Me, left the group. Without Bohn, Issues released their third studio album, Beautiful Oblivion, in October 2019.

In an interview with Revolver, Carter discussed the absence of Bohn’s voice on their latest record:

There were times where we felt like [Bohn] has to have a part in a song or whatever and it would hinder the song in a way, it didn’t need screaming. We kind of got Michael to grow into singing, which I don’t think he was by any means a natural-born singer but he tried and worked hard at that. Even then, I think people were like, ‘Why are there two singers if Tyler can sing that part?’ Or I’d write a melody that was really captivating or catchy and would have to dumb it down. We didn’t run into that drama this time, we felt a lot of freedom to explore styles and explore songs for what they are.

Carter, who came out as bisexual in 2015 and got engaged to fiancé Trent Morey Leffler in 2018, also continued on with his solo career while still a member of Issues. After releasing two EPs, the singer’s debut studio album, Moonshine, came out in February 2019. Most recently, Carter released his Moonshine Acoustic album on June 26.

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