90 Day Fiancé Star Found Guilty of Kidnapping & Assault


A star of “90 Day Fiancé” has been found guilty of kidnapping and assault after testifying in court.

According to InTouch Weekly, Geoffrey Paschel was found guilty of “aggravated kidnapping, domestic violence and interference with an emergency call.” Paschel appeared in court on October 7 and testified for himself in the case involving his ex-fiancée, Kristen Wilson. The couple began dating in 2017, split in 2018 and the incident happened on June 9, 2019.

According to CourtTV (h/t InTouchWeekly) he, “grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head against a wall” before she fled to a neighbor’s home. When the police arrived they saw visible injures on Wilson which Paschel claims were self-inflicted.

Wilson also testified in court and recounted her memory of the events.

“When I was screaming, I was trying to get away, but I couldn’t. He was too strong,” Chapman said (h/t CourtTV).

A Knox County Officer, Matthew Johnson, also testified stating that Pashel also had injuries on his body.

“She was also thrown to the ground and dragged. Paschel took the victim’s cell phone and did not allow her to leave the residence. The victim fled to a neighbor’s house after Paschel fell asleep,” the DA’s office said (h/t WBIR 10 News).

The entire verdict reading can be watched here on CourtTV.


Geoffrey Paschel Appeared on Season 4 Alongside Varya Malina

News of the allegations broke before the “90 Day Fiancé” season 4 aired and was the reason that Paschel was not present for the post-season Tell-All episode, according to Screenrant.com.

“I feel that the network has bowed down to the pressure of a few thousand people as opposed to the 3 million people that watch the show, which is unfortunate. We’re in a different time now. The whole Me Too movement and whatever. So there’s a lot of pressure to cower to the minority,” Paschel said on the Domenick Nati Show.

Paschel appeared on the fourth season of the hit show in the process of trying to bring Varya Malina to the United States to marry. One of the biggest areas of disagreement between the pair was Paschel’s criminal past and Malina taking to other American men online. At the end of the trip, Paschel ended things with Malina and began dating Mary Wallace. But things didn’t last long with Wallace because Malina surprised Paschel in the United States and they got back together.

Fans even believe the pair are still together now, according to an Instagram handle, 90daythemelanatedway. They reported that fans spotted the pair together at the Southern Tequila and Taco Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. Others spotted them in a DMV where Malina was taking a drivers test, according to cheatsheet.com.

This Isn’t the First Time Geoffrey Paschel Has Been in Trouble With the Law

Paschel will be sentenced on December 3 and faces 8-30 days in prison, according to Cheatsheet.com. They also observed the absence of Malina in court but did spot Wallace crying as Paschel was taken away in handcuffs.

This is not the first time Paschel has been in trouble with the law. While appearing on the show, Paschel was open about his prior drug convictions.

WBIR 10 News reported Paschel has “two federal drug trafficking convictions out of Texas, as well as convictions out of Blount County for possession of a schedule I controlled substance and possession with intent to sell schedule II cocaine” which will likely be brought up in his sentencing.

Malina has deleted her Instagram account and not spoken publicly on the matter at press time.

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