90 Day Fiance Star Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ in New Photo

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A star of “90 Day Fiance” has revealed a new look and the fans didn’t recognize her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thaís Ramone Revealed a New Blonde Hair-Do: ‘Don’t Be Hater Because I Look Like Kardashian’

On July 22, 2022, Thaís Ramone who is starring in the latest season of “90 Day Fiance” shared a photo of herself in what looks like a blonde wig or a filter.

“I’m blonde!!! What you guys think?,” she wrote on Instagram. “don’t be hater because i look like Kardashian.”

Fans flocked to the comments, and to the comments where the photo was shared to a fan Instagram account to voice their thoughts on the new look.

“With her black eye brows? Lol,” someone wrote.

“She’s so pretty. The black looks better though,” another fan said.

“U can tell it’s a wig and blonde does not go with her,” someone else said.

“Nope, nope, nope,” another person wrote.

“She is a very attractive young woman, and this totally detracts from that,” someone said. “I’m sorry but it’s a fail. When things aren’t broken don’t try to fix it.”

“Who is this?” a fan asked.

“No and again these people come here for 15 minutes of fame and green cards!” someone wrote.

“who dis women?” someone else asked.

“Hair color doesn’t make you a better person. Blah!,” a fan said.

“Who is this?!? Her hair, nose and look is waaaay different,” someone else wrote.

A fan said, “girl no your hair and brows should match or be close in color!”

“You fit right into the US but you were beautiful just the way you were,” someone pointed out.

“If you want an honest opinion, it does not look good on you… not your color,” a fan said.

“You look nothing like a kardashian,” someone wrote.

Y”ou gotta be joking What is happening to our women,” someone asked. “Y’all gotta stop this ridiculousness I’m glad I’m old. Damn. smh.”

“it doesn’t match at all. the blond hair with the black eye brows and your brown skin. it seems you’re trying so hard,” someone wrote.

Report: 3 Pregnancies From ’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9 Will Be Revealed at Tell-All

*Warning spoilers ahead*

According to Starcasm, there are rumored to be three women from season 9 who revealed new children or pregnancies. Fans already know that Emily Bieberly is pregnant as it was revealed before the end of the season but fans have speculated that Ramone and Kara Bass are the two with buns in the oven.

The outlet, who is going off photos shared by a super fan on Instagram named Katrina.

“In a bit of an unexpected twist, Katrina confirmed that there is another cast member from the current season who was pregnant at the Tell All filming this weekend, but she says she isn’t allowed to say who it is,” the outlet reported. “Katrina hints that the identity has been guessed by others based on numerous clues, and every indication is that it is Patrick Mendes’ wife Thais who is also pregnant.”

Additionally, the outlet reported that all couples were still together for the tell-all taping.

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