Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno Talk Having Kids Together

Chantel Pedro

TLC "90 Day Fiance" stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have revealed if children are in their future.

The Family Chantel stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have revealed if children are in their future. The beloved reality stars, who landed their own spinoff following their success on 90 Day Fiance, eventually wants to expand their family, but the timing needs to be right.

“I do feel the burden of needing to make a healthy relationship with your family before I actually get pregnant,” Chantel told Entertainment Tonight Online.

Pedro joked they are getting plenty of practice in, but he also agrees there’s a lot of growth that needs to occur. “I believe right now that we have our goals, you know? And I know that a baby is a blessing, but it needs to be at a good and right time,” he said.

Pedro doesn’t want to be like his father, who left him and his sister Nicole when they were little. “I want to be stable, I want for everything to be good in the family,” he told the publication. “I want to be a good father. I don’t want to make the same mistakes that my father did to me and my sister. I don’t want my child to feel what I’ve been feeling for years.”

Chantel Wants To Be on ‘Common Ground’ With Her In-Laws

While Chantel and Pedro were under quarantine, they opened up to ET about their current connection. While the couple seemed to be on good terms, Chantel agreed that she needed to come to some type of understanding with her in-laws.

“For our family to be in a better place, we need to have conversations with one another, come to agreements, you know, mend fences in a way,” she told ET. “There needs to be some apologies and I feel like we can’t be civil with one another. We are not civil with one another, honestly. And I’m just waiting for that day when we can have just some common ground.”

“There definitely needs to be more work between me and Pedro’s family, him and my family, before we would feel comfortable with even letting our child be out of our presence with that family member, honestly,” Chantel added.

Pedro Has Been Practicing Muay Thai

Season 2 of The Family Chantel isn’t just about drama. Pedro revealed he lost nearly 25 pounds since practicing Muay Thai, a form of martial arts. The star was inspired to lose weight after gaining nearly 40 pounds once he moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic.

“My new hobby right now is Muay Thai because I gained almost like 40 pounds in three years in the United States,” Pedro says, according to a sneak peek clip obtained by People. “I love the American food. You know, eat this, eat that. I want to eat the entire piece of cake.”

His wife approves of his new hobby. “Chantel loves how I look right now,” he said. “I’ve been so fat before, that I lost my six-pack.”

To find out what happens, don’t miss Season 2 of The Family Chantel when it airs on Monday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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