Chantel Jimeno Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Chantel Everett Jimeno

Instagram Chantel Everett Jimeno, best known for "90 Day Fiance," responded to rumors that she underwent plastic surgery.

Chantel Everett Jimeno, best known for 90 Day Fiance, responded to rumors that she underwent plastic surgery. Chantel denied accusations that she has had her breast enhanced, saying she doesn’t hold anything against people who want to change their bodies but that it’s not something she has done.

“Always had boobs,” Chantel wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself as a teenager, according to In Touch Weekly. “Then I grew up… And gained weight.”

“Just wanted to clear that up,” the TLC personality continued. “I believe in doing whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Working out, makeup, even surgery. People keep asking about ‘my surgeries.’ I just wanted to make it known that I have not had any, but do believe [in] having [the] confidence to do what makes you feel beautiful.”

Chantel and Pedro Are Skeptical About Her Brother’s New Wife

In Season 2 of The Family Chantel, the show focuses on the relationships between Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s siblings also. This time around, the family is flying to the Philippines to meet the family of Royal Everett’s new bride, Angenette. Both Pedro and Chantel have been the most skeptical of Angenette’s intentions, especially since she’s the one who messaged Royal first online. When Chantel and Pedro tried to warn her family, they essentially got shut down.

Royal brought Angenette to the U.S. on a K-1 visa and then married her without any friends or family in attendance. Now, they’re flying to the Philippines to celebrate their second wedding and Chantel’s family is looking forward to meeting their new in-laws.

Pedro is excited to go to the Philippines for the first time, but Chantel is unsure about Angenette and her family. We don’t know anything about Angenette’s family, we don’t know anything about the Philippines, really, at all,” she says during a sneak peek clip of Monday’s episode, obtained by People.

“When we went dress shopping, I asked her about how she met Royal and if she messaged any other guys, before she met Royal, that were in America,” she continued. “And it seemed like she was about to cry.”

Mother Chantel Is Not Surprised That Her Children Married People From Other Countries

Ask Mama Chantel: Son-In-Love | Episode 1#AskMamaChantel: I want to date my Dad’s ex 😱 Stream Full Episodes of The Family Chantel: Subscribe to TLC: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Royal is the second one of Karen Everett’s four children to marry someone from a different country, but she’s not surprised. During an exclusive phone interview with Heavy, the TLC personality–who landed her own spinoff series called Ask Mama Chantel–said that she purposely taught her children about other cultures when they were younger.

“I raised all my kids in a multicultural and multi-ethnic way when they were little,” she said. “Every summer we had a cultural month and we learned about different ethnicities.” 

Karen revealed she and her children speak German because she grew up in Europe. “When they were little, they learned German because I grew up in Germany most of my life and, as teenagers, I tried to teach them Spanish,” she told Heavy.

It was the Spanish language that Chantel fell in love with. “We all tried to learn Spanish every year after that, but Chantel, really loved it,” Karen explained. “She loved the language, she loved the Dominican Republic, and she loves her Dominicano esposo… so I wasn’t surprised at all.” 

To find out what happens next, don’t miss The Family Chantel when it airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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