Jenny Slatten’s Boyfriend Sumit Singh Accused of Abuse


TLC "90 Day Fiance" star Sumit Singh, who appears on "The Other Way," was accused of abuse.

90 Day Fiance star Sumit Singh, who appears on The Other Way, was accused of abuse. Sumit has been involved in a bitter divorce battle, with his estranged wife claiming he hurt her, according to a preview of Sunday’s episode shared by Entertainment Tonight Online. In an older episode of The Other Way, Jenny told the TLC cameras that Sumit’s estranged wife was “claiming that he was hurting her, treating her bad.”

Sunday’s episode picks up with Sumit talking to his friend Rohit while driving to his court appearance in India. “I’m having bad dreams about, like, what’s going to happen,” Sumit told his friend. “All the tensions and all, it’s like hell for me.”

Sumit has been anxious over the tensions. “My wife is doing all this just to hurt me, and I hope the judge will pull all the charges,” Sumit says in the clip. “If not, I’m really screwed.”

He’s not the only one who’s worried. “I’m concerned that maybe they are playing some trick to get more money from Sumit,” Rohit says. “I’m hoping that they will withdraw the case.” Previously, Sumit told Jenny that his estranged wife wants him to send her $500 per month. Jenny was shocked, telling Sumit that they couldn’t afford that type of alimony.

Sumit’s Ex Filed A Criminal Case Against Him

Sumit’s ex filed a criminal case against him, according to a report by ScreenRant, where she made allegations of domestic violence and claimed Sumit did not treat her well while they were together. Not only might Sumit have to pay her hundreds of dollars as a “maintenance fee,” he could also be sent to prison if the judge finds him guilty, the outlet noted.

Jenny gave up her life in the U.S. to be with Sumit after years of being in a long-distance relationship. Once Jenny traveled to India to be with Sumit forever, she soon found out that he started to act strange. It wasn’t long before Jenny found out that Sumit had secretly married another woman–with his in-laws and parents knocking on his door in the middle of the night. Sumit has since pledged his love to Jenny and is in the process of getting a divorce from his first wife. His parents never approved of Sumit’s relationship with Jenny since she is decades older than their 32-year-old son. Jenny is 61.

Jenny Was Heartbroken When She Found Out Sumit Lied To Her

Jenny has since said she was traumatized by the night Sumit’s parents and in-laws confronted him about his relationship with Jenny. Even though they never broke up, Jenny left India because they couldn’t get married and her visa expired.

“I knew that he was going to get his divorce so I just went back and waited for that to happen. So that’s pretty much what I was waiting on, for him to get his divorce,” Jenny told TV Insider. “We’ve always loved each other very much.”

She also loves living in India. “I don’t argue and fight or complain about anything. I like India, I really do,” she told the outlet. “I really like the culture, I like the way the people are. Everything in India I like, except of course arranged marriage! India as a country and as a people is a nice place.”

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