Photos: Larissa Lima’s Plastic Surgery Before & After

Larissa Lima

TLC Former "90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima has undergone multiple plastic surgeries since she first appeared on the TLC reality TV show.

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima has undergone multiple plastic surgeries since she first appeared on the TLC reality TV show. She started with lip injections, before getting breast implants, a nose job, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. According to ScreenRant, Larissa has spent at least $72,000 on her makeover. TMZ added that Kylie Jenner was the inspiration for her surgeries.

Larissa began enhancing her body once she split from ex-husband Colt Johnson and she doesn’t plan on stopping. Her breast implants are 700CC and she reportedly wants to increase them to 900CC, as noted by ScreenRant. The former reality TV star isn’t upset about being fired from 90 Day Fiance. She reportedly makes more through the adult content she posts on OnlyFans than she does from a year of working with TLC.

The implants she received were already larger than what her physician Dr. Lane Smith recommended. It caused her to be in immense pain during her recovery. “Had we gone for smaller implants, they would have hurt less, but these are really big,” he told her on 90 Day Fiance, as noted by CheatSheet. 

But Larissa was happy with the results. “They’re round, high, sexy,” he agreed. “They’re very even, very good cleavage, and the areolas are about the size of quarters instead of the big, round silver dollars you had before.”

Larissa Plans To Maintain Her New Body Through Exercise

Larissa wanted people to know that plastic surgery wasn’t a cure to fix all problems. In order to maintain her new look, she will have to exercise.

“I’m still in the recovery process of my tummy tuck and fat transfer. Many people wrongfully believe that plastic surgery will fix all the areas that troubled them permanently. The truth is, you have to work out regularly to maintain the results of any bodywork,” she wrote on Instagram on October 11. “My current gym routine is cardio, consisting of doing stairs and treadmill. Once I am at my 9 weeks post-op, I will be able to do a full-body workout, along with cardio.”

“So, when you see in my stories that I’m working out ‘after all these plastic surgeries,’ know it is because I am maintaining the amazing work of Smith Plastic Surgery.”

On October 17 she revealed she was ready to start full body workouts again. “I’m back,” she wrote. “Today I just started full-body workout after 9 weeks of my tummy tuck. What goal did you accomplish today?”

Larissa Was Fired By TLC After Appearing on CamSoda

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The Brazilian native, who did three seasons on 90 Day Fiance, was fired by TLC after she appeared on CamSoda.

“I am no longer a cast member of the show 90 Day Fiancé,” she wrote on Instagram.  “Because of my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC by the phone the day before ICE arrested me. I will continue producing content for my official channels on Instagram, OnlyFans and YouTube. Thanks for your understanding, love and attention.”

The star earned more than $100,000 from her appearance, according to TMZ. 

Her stint with CamSoda was so successful it’s reportedly one of the top five CamSoda streams of all time, with Larissa bringing in “10 times” the number of viewers most people get.

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