‘Disturbing’ Details Revealed in Paul & Karine Staehle Protection Order Court Papers

Paul Karine Staehle

TLC Paul and Karine Staehle court records are hard to read.

Fans think the details of former “90 Day Fiance” stars Paul and Karine Staehle’s protection order are graphic and disturbing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Karine Staehle Alleged Sexual Abuse by Paul Who Threatened to ‘Sell Her Into Prostitution’ & ‘Have Her Deported’

According to court documents obtained by Heavy, Paul was asking the court to revoke an order of protection against him claiming the “circuit court erroneously determined that he committed acts of domestic violence against [Karine] and improperly found that she is at risk of future acts of domestic

The original filing by Karine on December 30, 2021, alleges that Paul “forced her to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times, video recorded these encounters, and posted them online” she also claimed that Paul threatened to “sell her into prostitution” and “have her deported.”

At their January 18, 2022 hearing Karine told the court through a translator that Paul “placed a plastic penis in her vagina against her will, and continued to do so despite her crying and asking him to stop” she also said Paul “gave her alcohol and pills to facilitate his abuse.”

At the time, the court deemed her accusations “credible” and gave her the order of protection which included a no-contact ban of three years, and also barred Paul from owning a firearm.

The new filing by Paul asked the court to find that their original order was “clearly erroneous and if the decision constituted an abuse of discretion.”

Paul claimed that the previous acts Karine brought against him were “consensual and therefore were not violent or abusive” and asked the court to reverse the previous order.

On August 26, 2022, the court found that Karine’s claims were credible and upheld its previous decision.

Several fans of the show discussed the papers on Reddit. 

“No surprise. He’s one of the creepiest guys in 90 day history and he came off as unstable, impulsive, and insecure,” someone wrote. “When he ran off into the forest and acted like he was going to jump in the river I knew for sure he was a maniac. Karinne seems a little crazy but I think crazy people can bring out the crazy in people around them. I’d bet money Paul brings chaos with him everywhere he goes.”

“He belongs in jail,” someone wrote.

“What a disturbing read. I hope she gets her kids back and can finally heal,” a comment reads.

Paul & Pierre Were Reported Missing by the the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Pierre Was Later Found Safe

The couple’s two children are currently in foster care and have been since July, having been removed by Child Protective Services from both parents and Paul’s mother.

This comes after a June 2022 incident where Pierre, one of the children was reported missing and presumed to be with Paul. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent out a bulletin asking for the public’s help in locating the father and son. On July 3, the Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed to In Touch that Pierre was “located and safe.”

Paul has been vocal about his desire to get his children back or have them with his mother.

“If two parents have their kids taken, the grandparents or [a] relative should be allowed to have temporary custody,” Paul wrote in his Instagram Story on July 1. “To ban the grandparents from the children as well as the natural parents is very sad.”

Karine also addressed being without her children on her Instagram Story. 

“There was some news in the last few days about Karine, her kids and ex-husband. I would like to communicate that Karine is doing well and doing everything she was guided to by the law,” she wrote.

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