Why Rebecca Parrot Isn’t a Private Investigator Anymore


TLC "90 Day Fiance" star Rebecca Parrot revealed on Season 8 of the TLC series that she's now the general manager at a fast-food restaurant.

90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrot revealed on Season 8 of the TLC series that she’s now the general manager at a fast-food restaurant. She didn’t immediately explain why she was no longer working as a private investigator, something she said she was doing when fans first met her. The premiere of Season 8 showed Rebecca working the counter at Joella’s Hot Chicken, a national chain restaurant that has locations in several U.S. states.

According to Rebecca, she wanted to work in the food industry because she would be able to earn more money there. Bringing her fiancee, Zied Hakimi, from Tunis, Tunisia, to the U.S. on a K-1 visa is a costly process, with Rebecca saying she spent thousands so far.

With Rebecca, 49, being financially responsible for 27-year-old Zied, she had to prove to the government that she could afford to take care of his finances. “To be able to prove I have the financial ability to take care of Zied when he gets here, becoming a restaurant manager was a very important step that I had to take,” she explained during a confessional.

Rebecca admitted that she takes the gig seriously. “I’m responsible for the food, the guests, the labor, the food costs, the building and I’m a perfectionist, OK maybe a control freak,” she confessed. “Everything has to be perfect.”

Rebecca Has Experience in the Food Industry

Some fans were surprised to see Rebecca go from working a job as an investigator to manager a chain restaurant, but the Woodstock, Georgia, native revealed that she has experience working in the food industry. Before the episode aired, some people were curious about what type of profession she could have during the coronavirus pandemic when people arguably weren’t in the market for private investigators.

“Arent you a private investigator? What’s being investigated during quarantine?” one fan wrote, as noted by In Touch Weekly.

“I am now a restaurant manager,” Rebecca explained. “I have a culinary degree and have worked in restaurants for years.”

Zied & Rebecca Might Be Headed Toward Problems Already

Zied is coming to the U.S. but the couple still has hurdles to overcome. In last week’s episode, Rebecca confessed money was tight and her daughter Tiffany offered to let her mom and future stepfather stay with her and her boyfriend, Micah.

There are two problems with this scenario. Zied feels uncomfortable with Rebecca living with Micah, and Micah doesn’t care for Zied’s opinion on the living situation.

“He’s uncomfortable with me being here and Micah being here,” Rebecca confessed to her daughter, emphasizing Zied is a “conservative Muslim man.” Tiffany and Micah aren’t legally married, and unmarried couples are not allowed to live together in Zied’s view.

Micah didn’t care about the cultural clashes. When he sat down with Rebecca, he said Zied to “get over” the differences and “catch on to the way things work, and catch on quick.” Micah threatened if Zied did anything “out of line,” they would “have problems.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss 90 Day Fiance when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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