Sumit Will Never Marry Jenny, According To This Fan Theory

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Instagram "90 Day Fiance" viewers are convinced that Sumit Singh has no plans to marry his fiance, Jenny Slatten.

90 Day Fiance viewers are convinced Sumit Singh has no plans to marry Jenny Slatten, even though he legally divorced his first wife. The couple has an age gap of nearly 30 years–Jenny is 61 and Sumit is 32–and Sumit’s parents have always made it abundantly clear they don’t approve of their union.

A Reddit thread showed a picture of Sumit looking shocked when he met with a lawyer who said he could legally marry Jenny regardless of his parents’ objections. “When you run out of excuses to postpone the wedding,” the title of the thread said.

One of the top comments said it was obvious Sumit will never walk down the aisle Jenny. “It became very clear in this episode that he has no plans of ever marrying her,” wrote redmahkupbag. “He looks like a cornered animal in that pic,” added sarcastic_nanny.

“Dude’s just a cowardly liar,” Meemaws_BearCheese theorized. “Sumit doesn’t love Jenny. Love isn’t perpetual lies that harm the other person but benefit you. That’s called a scam, which is very on-brand for Sumit. Sumit never wanted to marry Jenny. He wanted an out from his arranged marriage, and Jenny was an easy emotional (and later legal and physical) escape. Jenny was his out from his marriage, and his family will now be his out from marrying Jenny.”

Sumit Feels ‘Pressure’ From Jenny To Get Married

A preview for next week’s episode showed the drama that ensued when Sumit visited his parents with Jenny, who threatens to go back to America because she doesn’t want to “destroy” his family.

Sumit admitted to TLC cameras that he felt “pressured” by Jenny, but she was pushing their marriage because her visa was about to expire.

Jenny is starting to grow frustrated. “OK, so do you want to declare our intention to marry today or not?” Jenny said on the November 15 episode of 90 Day Fiance. “But you’re saying, ‘Oh, let me ask the lawyer first.’ What are you gonna ask the damn lawyer for? ‘Cause my visa’s gonna run out. I can’t keep flying out of the country. … Your reaction wasn’t what I expected.”

Jenny Is Confused Why Sumit Wants To Talk To His Parents

Jenny hasn’t had a good relationship with Sumit’s parents since she moved to India while he was still married–unbeknownst to her–and she doesn’t understand why he is practically begging his mother and father for their approval.

“Sumit’s parents will never give him their blessings to get married to me,” she said on the November 15 episode. “It’s not gonna happen, and I don’t understand why Sumit’s trying to stall the marriage.”

Jenny is growing anxious about Sumit following through on his promise. “I came back to India this time ’cause Sumit’s promise to me was that we are gonna get married. So, we better not be stalling. I mean, this is my future,” she said. “This is my life at stake here. He better not let me down.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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