Tarik’s Reaction To Hazel’s Bisexuality & Wanting a Girlfriend

Tarik Hazel

TLC "90 Day Fiance" stars Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers have been open with each other about their sexuality.

90 Day Fiance stars Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers have been open with each other about their sexuality. While some fans might have been shocked to learn that Hazel was bisexual and wanted to add a third partner to their relationship, Tarik explained it was something Hazel was always open about. She was excited to come to America so she could be herself, explaining to Entertainment Tonight Online that in the past she could not as be so open because of her family’s religious beliefs.

The preview for Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance was the first time viewers learned about Hazel’s sexuality, but Tarik said Hazel told him a few weeks after they first started talking. Tarik understood why it was something Hazel, who is from the Philippines, wanted to keep private initially.

“Hazel told me that she kind of went through some drama with her ex because he was not accepting of it and he basically told her she was a walking body of sin, and just really hurtful stuff,” he told Entertainment Tonight Online. “And I think that further made Hazel kind of close up and never want to tell anyone again.”

But Tarik, 46, considered himself “lucky” to be with 28-year-old Hazel, who said her fiance’s acceptance made her feel “free.”

“I feel like now that I’m here and I am free, like, I am free to be who I really am,” she told the publication. “I’m glad because finally, I found a guy that really accepts me and especially my son, and now I’m not shy for being me.”

Why It Took So Long To Get Hazel To The U.S.

Where most couples get their partner to come to the U.S. within a matter of months, it took Tarik nearly two years to bring Hazel to America because of a clerical error. There was a typo on her birth certificate and they had to restart the process all over again, he told The Virginia Pilot.

“There can’t be a surname, a period, a hyphen out of place,” Tarik said. “If it goes over 60 days, then you have to update all of your documents,” Myers said. “You have to do another background check. You have to get your medical exam updated. The fact that it took more than 60 days to get her birth certificate basically meant we had to start over.”

Tarik remembered when Hazel was finally granted her visa two years after they started the process. “It was like fighting a 12-round boxing match against Mike Tyson every day for two years, and then you finally knock him out,” he said.

Tarik & Hazel Gush Over Each Other on Social Media

Tarik and Hazel aren’t shy about showing their affection for each other on social media.

In a post from July 2019, Hazel gushed over Tarik. “Sometimes I still pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Sometimes I still cant believe that you’re real and that ur mine. I never thought that some1 as amazing as u would fall in love with someone as silly as me,” she wrote. “But I’m so glad that u did because my life has been nothing but wonderful. Thank u 4 coming into my life and for letting me show u how much u mean to me.”

In an August 2019 post, Tarik called Hazel a “gift from God.”

“She turned out to be an implausible, irreplaceable gift from God. I caught lightning in a bottle. A shy little Braveheart. Thinking about her disorients me,” he wrote. “All of the ‘but what ifs’ become irrelevant. I get asked daily why I’m only following her on IG. My answer is bc I caught fking lightning in a bottle. Duh.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

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