Yazan Teases New Girlfriend After Brittany Banks Split


Instagram "90 Day Fiance" star Yazan revealed that he's in a happy relationship following his breakup from ex-girlfriend Brittany Banks.

90 Day Fiance star Yazan revealed that he’s in a happy relationship following his breakup from ex-girlfriend Brittany Banks. Unlike his ex and co-star Deavan Clegg, Yazan was pleased with the way he was portrayed on reality TV.

“I would like to thank TLC channel for the big efforts in the program, and the results of the show came out really good. Also, I would like to thank the editing team… you guys did your job,” he wrote, as noted by fan page 90 Days of Drama. “Thankfully, I’m so happy now with my new love relationship and now everything is wayyyy better than everrrr!!! All love.”

Yazan hasn’t immediately given any details about his new love interest. His relationship with Brittany caused so much tension between Yazan and his family that his father threatened to murder him if he married the aspiring rapper.

At the end of the season, Brittany said it wasn’t safe for them to stay in Jordan and she wanted to look into bringing Yazan to the U.S. The Jordanian had never planned to move to America–he said it wasn’t his dream–and he was unsure about what would happen to his relationship if Brittany went home. As fans now know, the couple has since split and he’s moved on with someone else.

Brittany Calls TLC’s Production Team ‘Garbage A** Humans’

Brittany isn’t a fan-favorite among 90 Day Fiance fans, but it seemed liked she blamed her reality TV debut on poor editing. The star slammed TLC and the production team after her season of The Other Way wrapped up last week.

“Now that the season is over I would like to say every person on the other way production and editing team you’re all garbage a** humans,” she wrote, as noted by Cinemablend.

“To my ex’s and ex-friends, I used to know you’re also complete clout chasing garbage,” Brittany continued. “I hope the 15 of fame was worth being disloyal. All in all, I’m glad it’s over. Enjoy the tell-all. Hopefully, they don’t chop it up & let you all get the truth.”

According to Brittany, Yazan was hypocritical, appearing one way in front of his friends and family (and cameras) and then acting another way when he was alone with her. She was widely criticized for disregarding Jordanian culture, but Brittany was steadfast in staying true to herself–no matter where she was or who she was with.

Brittany & Yazan Had An ‘Explosive’ Encounter In Unseen Footage

In a special episode called 90 Day Bares All hosted by Shaun Robinson, TLC shows viewers on Discovery+ what they couldn’t show on TV. One of those scenes includes a clip with Yazan, his family and Brittany–and Shaun said it was “explosive,” according to an exclusive preview obtained by Entertainment Online.

“We knew from the beginning that that was a dead-end street. We knew,” the host says about the couple’s doomed relationship. “You’re going to see the confrontation between Brittany, Yazan and his family. His family goes after Brittany, it is so explosive. But let me tell you something, Brittany is holding her own, OK? She’s got some receipts that she said she is going to show and she does show them, so it’s wild. It’s so wild.”

Don’t miss 90 Day Bares All when it debuts January 4, 2021.

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