Yazan Gives Sad Update About Fiancee Brittany


TLC "90 Day Fiance" star Yazan made a confession to one of his friends about his relationship with Brittany.

90 Day Fiance star Yazan made a shocking confession to one of his friends about his relationship with Brittany. A sneak peek clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight showed Yazan telling his friend Mohammad that he was homeless and jobless because of his relationship with the American citizen. Even though they previously said they were okay with the couple getting married, they rescinded their approval after seeing old modeling pictures Brittany posted on social media. They wouldn’t support him if he continued to be with her.

The October 18 episode picks up after Brittany leaves Jordan to go back to the U.S. so she can finalize her divorce. However, she gave Yazan a different reason for why she needed to return home.

“After Brittany left, I sat down with my father,” Yazan told his friend, Mohammed. “We sat down and he started talking about Brittany. He said he is not accepting of the whole marriage. He doesn’t want it. He started asking about social media.”

Yazan Said This Is The Most Difficult Time In His Life

Since connecting with Brittany, things haven’t been easy for Yazan.

He explained the photos of Brittany on social media were old, but his parents feared that Brittany was just using him and wasn’t taking their relationship seriously. “They feel that she is just lying to me,” he confessed. They’re not wrong, since Brittany didn’t tell him about her marriage and subsequent divorce. Yazan’s family wanted them to get married as soon as she arrived in Jordan–they also wanted her to change her religion.

When Yazan tried to defend his future bride, his father told him he couldn’t work at the family fish market any longer, nor could he live with them. “I spent the first night at my uncle’s. After that, I had to stay on the street for two days,” he said. “Then I rented an apartment and looked for work. I don’t talk to anyone. I spend time alone. I swear, Mohammed, this has been the most difficult, truly the most difficult time I’ve been through.”

Brittany Doesn’t Want To Be Judged For Her Appearance

While in Jordan, Yazan asked Brittany to dress conservatively and cover her head while visiting his parents. In what seemed like a subtle dig at her future in-laws, the Florida resident posted a video of herself wearing a short=sleeved shirt that said she felt most comfortable in this type of attire.

“This is how I usually dress when I go out and how I feel most comfortable,” she wrote. “Sometimes I feel most comfortable with a boob out. Idk… I guess I’m most comfortable with women’s rights & people not being judged for their appearances.”

Currently, it’s unknown is she and Yazan are still together, though ScreenRant cited a rumor that she broke up with her fiance and is dating a Nigerian rapper named KSlim.

She recently posted on social media about flying on a private jet, and the publication reported that she might have been with KSlim. “Y’all it’s my first time on a private jet I’m scared,” she wrote.

Another post showed her walking into the private jet. “God you have always been a blessing to me. Mother Earth you have always provided for me,” she captioned the image. “In return, I Mind my business & appreciate the small things. Mother Earth & Sun of God just as you promised me being a good genuine person always pays off.”

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