Actress Charged With Murder 1 Day After Wrapping Horror Film

Aisling Tucker "Wyn" Moore-Reed's mugshot from Jackson County, Oregon

Jackson County Oregon Aisling Tucker "Wyn" Moore-Reed's mugshot from Jackson County, Oregon

In 2016, Shane Patrick Moore was shot to death in Ruch, Oregon. His niece, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, was charged with manslaughter in his death — and while she was out on bail, she filmed an independent horror film called From the Dark.

Ahead of the Dateline NBC episode about the crime, here’s what you need to know about Moore-Reed, the horror film in question and what happened to her after the charges were upped from manslaughter to murder:

Moore-Reed Said She Shot Her Uncle in Self-Defense

Cellphone video shows panic, confusion after Oregon reporter shoots uncleAisling Moore-Reed, who reported for The Grants Pass Daily Courier, was ordered by a judge to remain held in the Jackson County Jail without bail on suspicion of murdering her uncle in 2016 after viewing cellphone video footage that Moore-Reed took before and after the shooting.2019-01-09T02:39:51Z

According to the Washington Post, Moore-Reed, a southern Oregon actress and writer, shot and killed her uncle Shane Moore in July 2016. The Mail Tribune reported that the shooting was because of a dispute over Moore-Reed’s grandmother’s property. Moore was Moore-Reed’s mother Kelly Moore’s brother, and he wanted to continue to live on their mother Lore Moore’s property, but Kelly Moore wanted to sell. Prosecutors said that was why Moore-Reed shot him, though Kelly Moore has maintained that her daughter and mother were afraid of Shane Moore, and the night of his death he started “beating [Kelly] up,” so Moore-Reed acted in defense of herself, her mother and her grandmother by shooting him, reported the Mail Tribune. Moore-Reed also had a restraining order against her uncle at the time of his death.

The cellphone video of the shooting was played in court, according to the Washington Post. In the footage, Shane Moore can be seen walking up to his mother’s home. Reed-Moore shoots him in the chest from just inside the house and he lies moaning in the driveway as he bleeds out while a neighbor tries to perform CPR, according to the Washington Post. In the video, Moore-Reed can be heard telling the 911 dispatcher, “He wasn’t supposed to be around me. He’s violent and dangerous. He threatened my mother’s life. I didn’t mean to shoot him in the chest. Oh my God, if he survives, he’s going to kill us all.”

Moore-Reed Was Initially Arrested on Manslaughter Charges That Were Upped to Murder Charges

From the Dark – Trailer #1 – Starring Wyn ReedWe are streaming now at Co-written by: Justin Jean Talbot, Matthew Spickard, Trinity Spickard. Directed by: Patrick Liam Dolan Produced by: Matthew Spickard Associate Producer: William Arthur, Kenneth Vibert, Madeline DeCourcey Production Manager: Kenneth Vibert Post-Production Manager: Treana Carrier Composed by: Kenneth Bradley Vibert and Emily Nuckles. Edited by: Christopher Doran Starring: Wyn Reed,…2019-10-31T19:49:02Z

According to the Mail Tribune, Moore-Reed was initially charged with felony counts of first- and second-degree manslaughter and was released on bond. That was when she filmed the horror film From the Dark. At the time of her audition, producers had no idea about her criminal background.

Moore-Reed auditioned under the stage name Wyn Reed and did not disclose the incident with her uncle; the company did not perform background checks.

“Due to the movie being so low budget, and it being our first venture, we did not do background checks,” the film company told the Washington Post. “If we ever do a movie again in the future, any one of us … we now know that a background check will save us. Lesson learned, no matter how little money we have, this will save the headache.”

One day after filming wrapped in September 2018, Moore-Reed was rearrested, this time on murder charges after a grand jury saw new evidence. That arrest canceled her previously scheduled trial for the manslaughter charges and a new trial was set in motion, with the pretrial hearing scheduled for November of that year.

Incidentally, Moore-Reed’s character has a moment in the film in which she shoots a man in a scene eerily similar to the real-life shooting.

Moore-Reed Eventually Pleaded Guilty

Woman Starring In Indie Horror Film Charged In Real Life Murder Day After Filming WrapsThe woman, 30-year-old Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, was cast as a lead role in the indie horror film "From the Dark," shortly after being charged for manslaughter.2019-11-08T02:56:36Z

In May 2020, Moore-Reed pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter during a court settlement, according to KOBI 5. The judge sentenced her to 75 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections and three years of post-prison supervision. As part of her plea deal, the first-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder charges were dropped.

According to Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, the self-defense defense was “not applicable under Oregon law” because of the “video of the incident showing Shane Moore’s behavior as non-threatening,” reported KTVL. At the sentencing, Moore-Reed said she was “very sorry for the pain she caused her family.”

Dateline NBC is in its 29th season and is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history. It currently airs Mondays and Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time and Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time.

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