‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Cancels Concert After Car Accident

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Fan-favorite “American Idol” star Alejandro Aranda was forced to cancel a show from his current tour after he and his crew were in a car accident that left their van totaled, the star revealed on Instagram on November 27, 2022.

“Hey everyone I am so sad to announce that the show tonight in Houston is canceled,” he wrote on Instagram. “You can check with the venue for refunds. My team and I were getting ready to travel to Houston and we were hit by someone who ran a red light. We got hit so hard that it totaled our van.”

Aranda, known professionally as scarypoolparty, is touring through December 16.

Aranda Received Support From Friends & Fans

Aranda received support in the comment section on his post.

“Oh my god!” Milla Jovovich wrote. “I hope you all made it and that you’re all safe. Praying for you all.”

One fan commented, “Things can be replaced, concerts may be rescheduled, all that matters is you and your crew are alive!”

Many others commented in hopes that everyone who was in the accident is okay.

“Oh my gosh! I am so grateful that you and your crew are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you 🥺🙏🏽💜,” one comment reads.

Aranda Previously Postponed Tour Dates

In September 2022, Aranda postponed dates for his “Unplugged” tour. The postponement happened just weeks after he revealed he may be ready to move on from music entirely.

“Unfortunately, we are postponing the remaining Unplugged tour dates,” he wrote on Instagram. “Reach out to your point of purchase for more info. I promise to get back out on the road very soon.”

The singer-songwriter also posted on his Instagram Stories about the postponement.

“I know today was bad news for the shows,” he wrote. “But just wanted to say @cody.dear and @maxmusic put a smile on my face.”

He added that he was headed back to Los Angeles but hoped to pick up touring on the east coast “very soon.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Aranda shared that he was thinking about leaving the music industry.

“Sometimes I feel like my opportunity to be a full time musician/artist is fading,” he wrote at the time. “Maybe it’s time to rethink the music career. Might go to culinary school or try to open up a coffee shop! Who knows!! Legit just having late-night thoughts.”

Aranda has been open about his struggles with touring in the past. In December 2019, he apologized to fans via Twitter after canceling a show in London.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot of sleep deprivation and I can’t put it off because now it’s really affecting my health,” he said at the time. “Coming off ‘American Idol,’ selling out my first tour and just coming off a fall tour and recording an album I couldn’t ask for more of a dream come true. But honestly I need to get help and find a better way to heal.”

Fans reached out in both cases to share that they hope Aranda is doing okay and that they will support him no matter what.

“American Idol” returns in February 2023 on ABC.

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