TV Icon Says ‘Idol’ Alum ‘Owes a Lot of People Apologies’

Season 9 of American Idol

Fox/YoutTube Ryan Seacrest announces voting results during season 9 of "American Idol," with performers including Todrick Hall and winner Lee DeWyze.

Multitalented performer Todrick Hall has been part of numerous TV shows over the years, but his very first one was “American Idol,” when he reached the top 12 during season 9. Now, 13 years after receiving his “golden ticket to Hollywood,” the singer, dancer and social media influencer has landed his own competition show on HGTV.

Hopefully, he’ll get along better with the cast of “Battle of the Bling” than he did with castmates on his last TV show.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Cast Still Upset With Hall

Todd Bridges and Todrick Hall

CBS/YouTubeTodd Bridges and Todrick Hall on “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2022

Hall, who is a longtime fan of the CBS show “Big Brother,” joined the celebrity version in early 2022, sequestered in a house full of hidden cameras and a group of public figures including fashion expert Carson Kressley, Ultimate Fighting champ Miesha Tate, Chris Kirkpatrick of N’SYNC, and Olympic skater Mirai Nagasu, all trying to be the last one standing after several weeks of physical challenges, secret alliances and trying to earn each others’ votes to remain in the house.

While most of the cast grew close during the show, they were angry by the end of the season, after seeing footage of Hall’s sneaky strategies and backstabbing comments, realizing he was playing them all along instead of genuinely becoming their friend.

He and Tate became actual besties in the house, though, forming an alliance that took them to the end, with her winning the grand prize of $250,000. When she and Hall emerged from the house, they received a very cool reception from their housemates, which was Tate’s first inkling that the rest of the celebrities were aware of something she wasn’t. Now, a new interview reveals no one — including Tate — is speaking to Hall, six months after the finale.

Actor Todd Bridges, a television icon known for playing Willis on the hit show “Diff’rent Strokes” from 1978-1986, was also part of the “Celebrity Big Brother” cast. In an interview with TV Insider on August 16, Bridges revealed that he’s still connected to most of the housemates. In fact, he and “Real Housewives” alum Cynthia Nixon talked through a “misunderstanding” they’d had in the house, he revealed, and now talk all the time.

“I’m in communication with a good amount of them,” he said. “In fact, we all went out to dinner in L.A.” All, that is, except Hall.

“I don’t think anyone is talking to Todrick,” Bridges revealed. “I don’t even think Miesha is talking to Todrick, and I talk to Miesha all the time. If he would apologize for his behavior in the house, he’d be cool with me. I’m all about apologies. I think if you can apologize and move forward, it would be great. He owes a lot of people apologies. He was terrible on that show.”

Hall Has Not Formally Apologized But Did Address Situation


After the finale, Hall canceled his post-show media appearances. Weeks later, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the closest Hall came to apologizing was saying he regretted personal slights he made against others in the house.

“I wish that the personal statements wouldn’t have been said,” the performer explained. “I wish I wouldn’t have crossed into a personal level. But I don’t regret being on the show and I’ve learned a lot from it.”

On July 6, Hall posted on Instagram that he would soon be releasing a video about his “Celebrity Big Brother” experience and added footage of him onstage, at one of his concerts, during which he told the crowd it had been hard to learn such hard lessons in the public eye. However, a separate video about the competitive series has not been posted to any of his social media accounts.

In a March 2016 interview with Billboard, Hall said that he’s tried to be very creative about leveraging his run on “Idol” to pave a way forward in entertainment, including being in multiple Broadway shows, serving as choreographer for stars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, and nurturing his own music career. He has spent the summer of 2022 on his “Femuline” tour to promote his new album, “Quarantine Queen.”

“’Idol’ is very strong beginning, even if you get kicked off the first episode or you don’t make it to the top 12, like me,” Hall told Billboard. “But people don’t think about what they’re going to do when they get off the show. Every time one of my videos goes viral, I don’t sit back and relax and wait for someone to start knocking on my door. I immediately start on the next project and think, ‘What am I going to do to be different?’ I think every artist has to do that.”

Hall’s HGTV project, a show he’s hosting with designer Kym Myles, is set to premiere in December 2022. According to a network release, they’ll search for the “flashiest, most over-the-top, outrageous homes” in the U.S. The “blingiest of them all” will receive a trophy and spread in HGTV Magazine.

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