Arthur Gunn Reveals He Spoke to Sheryl Crow After Skipping ‘Idol’ Finale

American Idol

ABC Arthur Gunn.

Arthur Gunn infamously skipped the season 19 finale of ABC’sAmerican Idol,” where he was set to perform alongside music superstar Sheryl Crow. He later invited her to join him in an upcoming performance to make up for it.

At the time, Gunn took to Instagram to speak out about why he decided he didn’t want to perform at the “American Idol” finale.

“Well, let’s just say I missed my opportunity to sing with legendary [Sheryl Crow],” he started. “What happened is not much to discuss at this point. I would like to make it up and invite [Crow] to perform a couple of songs on July 30 at @thecotillion. It was a last minute decision, but I couldn’t help but say no cause of some personal morals and values due to unpleasant environmental experiences.”

He added, “It’s not necessary to state it, it is what it is, so I felt like I had to move on, it’s not the show @americanidol to blame, they were there long before nor anyone related to the show.”

Gunn Says He Spoke With Crow Following the Finale

Now, Gunn tells The Wichita Eagle that he’s still not ready to speak about the finale, though he did talk to Crow after skipping out on their scheduled performance. He told the outlet that Crow did not respond to his invitation to perform, but she did reach out via email.

“I received an email from Sheryl Crow herself encouraging me to play music,” he told the outlet. “I emailed her back saying how I felt and what happened. We had a very mutual understanding.”

Gunn was scheduled to perform at The Cotillion in Wichita on Friday, July 30, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET.

“This is my first official show in my official career after ‘American Idol,'” Gunn told The Wichita Eagle. “I’m very glad about it and that it happened to be in Wichita.”

Witnesses Say Gunn Was Set to Perform Until Minutes Before Showtime at the ‘Idol’ Finale

When the news first dropped that Gunn skipped his performance during the “American Idol” finale, some might have assumed that something had suddenly come up and he couldn’t make it. That didn’t turn out to be the case, however, according to a report posted on YouTube by season 14 runner-up Clark Beckham.

Beckham said that Gunn “had quite the reputation of being difficult to work with” and was actually at the show but refused to come out of his trailer in order to perform. Fellow contestant Graham DeFranco, who was eliminated in the top 16, was ready to step in.

Beckham, who spoke with DeFranco about the situation, said that producers had known it was a possibility Gunn wouldn’t be performing at the finale. DeFranco was told days earlier that he might have to step in, but he only got the news five minutes before taking the stage with Crow, according to the report.

“It’s absolute chaos, live television at its finest,” Beckham said. “What an amazing moment. What a way to freakin’ step up to the plate and nail it, save the day.”

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