Fans Say Carrie Underwood is ‘Unrecognizable’ in Family Photos

Carrie Underwood

Getty Carrie Underwood performs at a Nashville event in September 2022

Carrie Underwood is doing her best to juggle motherhood and superstardom, taking breaks from her glitzy Denim & Rhinestones concert tour to spend time with her family, like taking her kids to the NASA Space Center in Houston on November 4, 2022, while she was in town to perform. But when the “American Idol” alum shared a series of photos from the family outing on social media, an overwhelming number of fans expressed shock over her appearance, surprised to see her looking like…a regular mom. But that casual look actually cost the star thousands of dollars. Here’s the scoop…

Carrie Underwood’s ‘Mom Jeans’ & Ripped Shirt Are Actually Designer Threads

Underwood has become known for her sparkly outfits and toned legs, frequently wearing short shorts or mini skirts onstage and sharing leg-strengthening tips with social media followers. So fans were surprised to see the mom of two boys — Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3 — sightseeing while wearing baggy jeans, white high-top boots, and a plain t-shirt with holes in it.

Dozens of fans liked one man’s comment that said, “I see you wore your moon boots for the occasion. How napoleon dynamite of you!” with a winking face and laughing emoji.

Even more people liked a comment left by a female fan who wrote, “We’ve hit the time in style world where male pants are tighter than female pants. It’s OUR TURN to be comfortable. Step aside, fellas.”

When someone wrote, “Girl those jeans! Why?!?!” over 350 fans liked the comment. One responded, “I was thinking that too. Are those mom jeans? Lol”

Another person asked, “I’m trying to figure out why a millionaire would wear this shirt?”

Other fans defended Underwood’s look, saying she had every right to dress like a regular mom on an outing with her family. Some even suggested that she might have shopped at a thrift shop or consignment store while on tour to blend in with other families.

But a bit of research on Underwood’s outfit reveals that the star was actually dressed like a million bucks — or at least a few thousand — while touring NASA’s facilities with her kids.

In the photos, Underwood is wearing designer Alexander Wang’s Double Front Carpenter jeans, which retail for $325. The intentionally holey shirt is an R13 Destroyed Boy Stretch Cotton t-shirt, which costs $275. The shoes Underwood is wearing are likely Alexander McQueen Tread High-Top canvas sneakers, available for $850, and the large black purse she’s seen holding in a couple of the photos is a Louis Vuitton Carmel Hobo Bag, which retails for $5,000.

So, Underwood’s “regular mom” look during her family outing cost nearly $10,000 to pull off.

Some Fans Also Expressed Surprise Over Carrie Underwood’s Face

Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill

GettyCarrie Underwood and Vince Gill attend CMT Giants: Vince Gill in September 2022

Many fans also expressed shock on Underwood’s Instagram post about a perceived change in her facial features, deeming her hard to recognize, whether due to her wearing less makeup than fans are used to seeing or, as some suggested, altering her look with cosmetic surgery or injections.

One follower wrote, “shes turning into Courtney Cox…… hardly recognize her”

Another commented, “Wow. Doesn’t look like Carrie Underwood to me. Maybe she’s had too much done but not the same person I’m used to seeing.”

“Beautiful before and now, just unrecognizable,” another person wrote.

Once again, other fans jumped to Underwood’s defense, with some explaining that she required facial stitches years ago after a fall at home and others saying she probably looks different without stage makeup.

“She can’t even post some fun family pictures without being criticized by random strangers on her OWN IG! Sad,” a tried-and-true fan wrote.