Country Star Chayce Beckham Devastated by Fatal Accident: ‘I Felt Your Spirit’

Chayce Beckham Performing

Getty Country music's Chayce Beckham performs in Nashville in Nov. 2021.

Rising country music star Chayce Beckham is mourning the death of one of his longtime friends. The singer-songwriter, who won Season 19 of “American Idol” in 2021, revealed the news in heartfelt tributes on Instagram, in which he revealed not only his heartbreak but also the sense that his friend’s spirit is still with him.

On the evening of July 14, as he was digesting the news of his buddy Lance’s death, Beckham posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of him relaxing in a pool. On top of the photo, the singer wrote, “No words. Just gunna miss you. Rest in Paradise my brother. I love you.”

The next day, Beckham wrote a much longer tribute and posted it on his Instagram feed.

Beckham Can’t Believe He ‘Never Got To Say Goodbye’

In an emotional tribute on July 15, the musician honored his friend, Lance, whom he said he’s known since he was 14. Beckham posted a photograph of himself with a group of friends, including Lance hugging his neck.

“Lance was a wild, free spirit who made everyone around him feel loved,” Beckham wrote. “He loved to live large and experience life as many different ways as he could.”

Beckham, who grew up in Apple Valley, Calif., said Lance lived down the block from him and, once they met as teens, he quickly became one of his biggest cheerleaders.

“We met when I was about 14,” he wrote. “When Lance, Nathan and Vince and I all started hanging out, Lance built a recording booth in his walk in closet for me, bought a blue yeti microphone, and a computer to record my raps at the time. He was one of the first people to believe in me. He always tried to get me to play more guitar but back then I wanted to be a rapper lol. He always was there cheering me on and hyping me up. And picking me up when I was down, and vice versa.”

Beckham continued, “Lances house was down the block from mine and I spent a lot of my time in high school at his house, we all called his mom Janine “Mama Lance” and Paige was a big sister to all of us boys. We all came from split homes and lances house was one where we would all feel like a normal family. I got a call yesterday from Paige, telling me my buddy had been involved in an accident the night before and didn’t make it home. The hardest part is I never got to say goodbye.”

Beckham finished his post by expressing gratitude for Lance’s friendship and revealing that he had felt his friend with him, in spirit.

“Thank you for being a brother to me in this life,” he wrote. “I never thought at twenty five I’d be writing goodbye instead of sayin see ya later. Our little misfit family lost another member this weekend but we gained another angel to watch over us. I felt your spirit next to me in my truck today. I know I sound crazy, but as I was apologizing for not calling more this year, I could hear your voice saying, “I know Chayce, it’s alright, you know I love you.” I’ve heard you say it so many times before. I love you too, and I will miss you so much. So long my friend, till we meet again on the other side.”

Beckham’s Family Continues to Lift Him Up in Hard Times

Viewers met Beckham’s family early on in his “American Idol” journey; during his initial audition, which aired in early 2021, the musician told the judges his parents encouraged him to try out, in hopes it would give him a sense of purpose after a really hard year.

In an interview with show producers, his mom explained that Beckham had started down a dark path, drinking too much and feeling pretty worthless, and had recently moved back home. “He went through some really hard times,” she said tearfully. In the audition footage ABC aired, viewers could see his mom trying to listen through the door, hopeful her son would make it through to Hollywood.

Now, as Beckham weathers a new storm, his family is there for the singer again. His parents replied to his post about Lance via their Instagram account, apparently after talking to their son on the phone about his loss.

“When we hung up we started to talk about Lance and remember him from back in the day,” they wrote. “Did not recognize his picture but until you told me who he was we were floored!!! We remember him with long hair and a Beanie. Great friend and a true believer in you Chayce!!! We know where he’s at, just a address change to his Fathers house…Our condolences to the Family, Close friends and to you Son.”

Beckham released his first full-length album on April 15, entitled “Doin’ It Right.” Shortly after winning “American Idol,” he released his debut song, “23” — about struggling with alcohol. The song shot to the top of the iTunes Country charts and, according to his site, has been streamed via on-demand services more than 85 million times.

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