‘American Idol’ Faces Backlash From Fans

American Idol


During the first episode of Hollywood Week during season 19 of American Idol, fans took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the show. Some fans of the show thought that heavily featuring Claudia Conway, daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway, was a misstep and possibly a publicity stunt.

The Hollywood Week performances started out with the genre round where contestants each choose a song within a certain genre to sing for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Claudia Conway was one contestant who chose to sing in the pop genre. The 16-year-old contestant had dyed her hair and shown up looking different than she did during her performance.

“Yeah, it’s a little change,” Conway said after Katy Perry asked her what happened.

Perry responded, “You mean a transformation!”

Conway Received a Few Minutes of Screentime

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While some contestants received just a minute or less of screentime during the episode, Conway was pretty heavily featured. During the pre-taped package, Conway talked about her mother and how she’d been drowning out the noise around her because of Perry’s advice.

“She believed in me, and I could not be more grateful for that,” Conway told the cameras about Perry. “Now I’m just trying it all out to telling myself I can do it.”

Conway was later embarrassed when her mom, former political advisor Kellyanne Conway, said she could also sing and sang for the cameras.

The young singer ultimately got to move on to the next round, the duet round, thanks to the judges on the show.

Fans Thought Showing The Conways Was Tasteless

While the judges thought Conway was good enough to move on, fans took to Twitter to discuss what they thought about Conway being on the show and so heavily featured.

“Now we all know that American Idol is rigged,” one person wrote. “Judges forced to lie about Claudia Conway’s singing ability so ABC can promote her and her mom. So sad to see #stopwatchingidol.”

Another wrote, “So Claudia Conway just like pretended to hate her parents to try and rehabilitate her image before going on American Idol, huh?”

Others thought that Conway getting through was a mistake.

“@AmericanIdol you put Claudia Conway through but send home really talented people? I thought you were not like the other shows… that you really care,” one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “am I the only one that CHOKED when kellyanne conway walked out during claudia’s part on @AmericanIdol tonight??? I’ve seen videos of this woman verbally, emotionally and almost physically abusing her daughter… and we’re pretending she’s now supportive mom of the year?? HELLO???”

One person wrote, “It’s so awkward to watch Claudia Conway on American Idol pretending to like her parents knowing the background of it oh my god.”

The backlash won’t keep Conway from going further into the competition and likely receiving equal amounts of airtime, as she’s moved on to the next round of the singing competition, which is heating up.

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